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NL2 update...

Wow... sick days! a lot of poker! 

When I wrote my first blog entry one of my objectives was play at least 15k hand during may but I did not consider that got 2 days off at college and my gf have a trip this weekend! having as a consequence a lot of "free" time to grind! we are on may 5th an already have played the 15k hands for the month so will have to re-evaluate things because from now i will play not that much (i hope i can play 8hr/week) i do have a lot of test and work to do...

thoughts about 2NL...

Not that much.. level is still poor and regs aren't too good the most of players put all their money with just a pair no matter if it is bottom or top pair so was kinda easy to evaluate spots.

Play ABC style is enough to crush the level avoiding tough spots is the key! play a lot of hands vs regs... they are so bad! for me is very hard play against fishes that I don't know much about them so I focused on exploiting regs.


I need 8vpp's more to get 750vpp 10usd stellar reward including that i have ~27 buy-ins on 5NL but i'm not sure to start playing that level! i guess varience is affecting so much my game...

One of the things that i'm pretty happy is about that in all of my sessions I won at least 0.01 usd!..ahaha


that's all for now... sorry about bad english!

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