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About me, monthly goals and some stuff!

Hello people! This is Diego, I'm 25 and live in Santiago of Chile! I'm currently studying computer science and working in the afternoon so I don't have to much time to play but will do/put my best this time to grind as much as I can. This time will be different I want to do the right way so I consider TiltBook my best allied. I don't like the common blogging/forum system of all major poker communities and this being like a socialnetwork put a lot of will on me to tho well this time.

I have played poker for 4 o 5 years, nothing special, some decent cashes live/online. I have put a lot of effort to be good at tables but somehow everything ends going busto and then after regrets and focusing on study start over again, and again and again.

Yesterday I deposited 52 bucks to start gindring from the very small nano stakes I do like some std brm rules 25 buy-ins to play a stakes is comfortable for me so 2NL here I go!

I'm still not clear about my goals but for sure at least I have to play 15K hands this month. Will be the 1st time that I do college-work-grind so I don't want to collapse. About studying poker I have to read 1 or 2 articles a week or see some episodes of a good series in CardRunners. I do not workout to often so this will be the hardest goal... 3 hours a week working out at any time any day just 3 hours/week.

This is all for now, thanks for reading Me and join me on my way to highstakes (I hope)...

Ahhh... forgoted the most important thing on a blog update... the graph!! so here it is..


Sorry about bad english!

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