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761 days ago
"Despite the lack of success at the regular cash game tables, it appears, according to an article at Pokerfuse, that better organised sit-outs at the CAP tables and the heads-up sit an go's could well have an effect and ultimately disrupt the games as intended. There has apparently been a noticeable lack of CAP action at $10/$20 along with lengthy waiting lists, and many high stakes HU SNG regulars have agreed not to play each other during the protest." http://www.highstakesdb.com/5231-players-sit-out-protests-at-pokerstars-fail-to-make-an-impact.aspxhttp://pokerfuse.com/news/poker-room-news/26044-three-strikes-and-youre-out-players-protest-pokerstars-rake/
763 days ago
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Open letter adressed to PokerStars. __________________________________________________ To whomever it may concern, We, as Heads Up CAP regulars, wish to write an open letter concerning the recently implemented changes to rake on pokerstars. We understand that Heads Up as a whole have had high attainable winrates and low rake, but that is mostly reserved for the 100bb games with the main benefactors being the well-known “bumhunters” (people solely playing recreational players). Cap games, however, have somewhat limited winrates due to the rake cap being reached often whilst the maximum pot is limited to 40bb. We will not argue whether or not it is reasonable or fair for 100bb games despite many of us also playing those games, this is solely addressing CAP games. In light of the recent changes to the rake structure, cap games have become unbeatable at stakes at and below $1/$2 and marginally profitable above. We do not request anything unreasonable, we do not argue we are entitled to anything, we simply ask for a rake level that can be beaten to a reasonable extent. I should be noted that we feel this issue is especially important for the stakes less than $5/$10 which this change hurts most of all. As a way to show the discontent amongst regs we have cleared the lobby of all cap traffic from $0.50/$1 to $25/$50 - both regular and zoom (see provided link for evidence). This shows that we stand together on this issue and really are dedicated to showing how major an issue this is. To have every reg uniting behind a common cause with a player pool as large as the one pokerstars possesses when it is in each individuals interest not to is evidence of how strongly we feel about this change. We do not believe this change is good for anyone. It is no longer feasible for regs to play each other, resulting in even less action in the lobbies and less recycling of recreational money in the form of rake. This is good for neither regulars nor pokerstars. Then recreationals also stand a far greater chance of having a losing session as they do not stand a chance of performing well against skilled players with this rake. Having regs react so strongly to changes also generates bad publicity. This is particularly case on some of the forums which have been our chosen medium to communicate with the wider community. See the linked threads from both twoplustwo and gipsyteam for evidence of this. Pokerstars was built into the giant it is today by continually excelling in every aspect. A standout feature was the respect and fairness they treated all their customers, both regulars and recreationals alike. Long term sustainability was always at the forefront of their mind and whilst we as customers understood they also had to make a profit, we rarely saw anything be implemented that appeared to extremely short sighted with only short term profit in mind. We hope that you will seriously review these changes and consider whether the benefits you believe you gain from them are outweighed the negative aspect of them we are trying to bring to light. We hope you will read this and look to open more clear dialogue with your customers and perhaps even look to have an open discussion with us about these changes. Yours sincerely, aroustamian SayNo2Racism Furkay -r3d/l!ne Ati Jon RBN12 pahen503 w00tLOL rku4 jonesbn Shkipe A.Ryzhenkov 92_sauron Kranshan NesleiN15 CooL1992 Itzmyka ZaDu80 Haarlem91 FCDplayer_PL sman9876 TCfromUB A13X_J0neS BlueNowhere4 Annjne 360flip019 LazzzyDog Kot_Spartac CarolinkZ Nedavniy IM Pronin _qpuni$her_ ibavly omaha4rollz play2win$1kk Urals ArhAngel_29R watergun7 FunkyyCrime vaterguy ziroto QkareQ Semper420 Maininstrinct KnightDaBest Vagos89 Darkeonz yura_rnd Link to picture of empty lobbies: http://i.gyazo.com/82e7d09c7cf8bfdaef4fe2d8db68771a.png 2p2 threads: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-views-gossip/hu-cap-players-mass-sitout-cashout-protest-1485843http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-views-gossip/dont-give-amaya-5th-november-protest-1485543/ Gipsyteam threads: http://forum.gipsyteam.ru/index.php?showtopic=93984http://forum.gipsyteam.ru/index.php?showtopic=68738&st=1640#entry3380424

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