The first Grindin Block 4/7 - 3/8

Summary of my recent playing activity


  • SNGs: 2296
  • Hours: 96.4
  • VPPs: 20.061
  • preRB: 1.9k

Finally find motivation and studying + grinding rythm. First 3 days were just warmin up playing days, cause I had about 2 weeks break of poker.

Opened up the block with 28h week and 700+games, which was the best week this year. Next week I started to play a bit more 18mans, cause I wanted to play more 30s and needed to get better in this for me new format ASAP. The second week was a little bit worse in terms of volume and hours played...under 600 sngs and 25hours. Third week was worse again...under 25hours, about 550sngs.

The last week = technical disaster...my personal leak was exposed = frivolous attitude. I forgot to turn off PC during the brutal storm and ofc smthing happened...was not able to finish my 4th week and now still waiting for some IT experts. Everything is ok but the internet...which is funny...cause basically the internet is the only thing I need :D

I used the week+ without playing for relaxing, I bought PS4 and grinded watch dogs + thief 4 = great entertainment

All in all I am really satisfied with this month. Finally played some poker and worked a bit on my game again. Reached 20k VPPs for the first time and gained more experiences. I am looking forward to get my machine back and start learnin and grindin gain, cause there is so much stuff to work on...especially need to think more about my playin schedule.

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