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In this blog I will review a software which I believe is absolutely essential for any serious STT grinder, and a highly valuable software for players of other SNG formats too. Disclaimer: I am promoting this product and new users get a lifetime 10% discount from this blog using the URL links contained and code 'ILS007'.


I'll cut to the chase: to make as much money as possible, you want to:

1) Play profitably (prize(s) minus investment is positive)
2) Play as many games as possible (turnover)

The difficulty is that maximising 1) reduces 2), and visa-versa. So in reality we must try and find our sweet spot, where we maximise our $/hourly rate. For varying reasons, most players fail to come close to achieving this. In years gone by, too much emphasis was given on 1), and perhaps with the increasingly reachable goal of Supernova Elite for players of the turbo/hyper-turbo formats, 2) has been given too much emphasis of late.

I believe this dichotomy comes about because players lack the discipline to really balance quality of play and volume goals. Invariably, they choose the one which is more comfortable for them, and master it - at the expense of the other.

It's 2015, and everyone knows various software exist to help with both auto-registration and table selection. But it is only more recently that a commercially available software has been able to perform these functions which such efficiency and power to blow away all its rivals. That software is SessionLord.

Why is it by far the Best?


In my opinion, there are two main reasons:

1) It scans and registers you into tournaments way quicker than anything I have ever tried before, without having encountered negative aspects from this which other software have given me when they were buggy.

2) It does not steal focus with lobby popups. This is really crucial for me, because it will allow me to maintain focus on tables without any delay, even for a split second. This could also lead to less conflict with other software.

Game Selection

SessionLord performs game selection tasks excellently. It does all the standard stuff involving weighting opponents to give a value for a table, upon which it decides whether or not to register you for it (based on the parameters you define). However, there are two exceptional improvments on this standard functionality:

1) Weightings can be customised depending on how many tables for a stake/game you currently have running. So for example, lets say at the beginning of your session you want to get as many tables running as quickly as possible, therefore table selections may be a bit more relaxed. Later, when you already have almost enough action running, the software lets you define much stricter game selection requirements for sitting any further tables, so that you get the very best games for the few table slots you have available. Once you complete a few of the running tournaments, it can sit a bit more freely, etc etc.

2) Automated player noting system. This is an absolute revelation. If you have an active SharkScope subscription, even while you sleep it can use this to note any players registered in the lobbies for the games you play. It allows you to define the parameters based on things such as game count/profit/ROI to classify a player in accordance with your own player noting system. So you can set rules up to mark a player as a recreational player, unknown, average regular, top player, or whatever you prefer. It could do this for literally hundreds of players daily, saving your attention for the tables when you play, and improving your game selections in the first place. This is simply a major improvement on manual player noting I previously did up until this year. 


I hope you find this a good read and reap excellent benefits from this software should you decide to get it. Use any of the links and coupon code ILS007 to get a lifetime 10% discount on SnGOpener and SnGAutoColoring. This may only be applicable to users who have not previously visited the SessionLord website.



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