ICMIZER2: The Lowdown

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ICMIZER2 has just been released. Many of you are already familiar with ICMIZER so I'll just give the lowdown on how ICMIZER2 PRO shapes up compared to ICMIZER...


There are two standout features of the 'Pro' version which improve on the first version of ICMIZER: Replayer, and SNG Coach.


Replayer gives the user a hand replayer within the software, and the ability to paste all marked hands requiring attention for quick review. This is the first ICM software that I am aware of which can both mass-import marked hands and at the same time replay those in an attractive interface to play through. This makes studying time-efficient and seamless. Previously, if you wanted to play through marked hands and ICM check them, you would load up Universal Replayer, or HM/PT, play through the hand, then copy the hand to clipboard for pasting into ICMIZER. It also loads them in the replayer straight at the point of action for you. So this is saving a bit of time, every time, which in the long-run will add up to a significant time saving. For me personally, this will be advantageous when I'm going through a set of hands, but when just checking one spot I don't need to be able to play through the hand and instead just go straight to pasting into the calculator for an answer.

ICMIZER2 Replayer

SNG Coach

This feature is pretty huge. With SNG Coach you can train yourself in countless ICM scenarios based on the game format you wish to study, with the training getting progressively more difficult the more you improve. It does this by setting the questions based on the scores you achieved on previous quizzes. Once again the interface looks fantastic, and it's a fun way to practice.

I would say this can benefit everyone to varying degrees. For anyone not already an expert in their game, it offers enormous benefits. You will improve significantly and quickly in learning ICM push/call/fold. For me personally, it still offers benefits because I can train in formats I have less experience in to sharpen my ICM ranges for those. Furthermore, even in my games of expertise, I find spots which I have doubts and get wrong.

Having said that, the biggest drawback of SNG Coach is the rigidity of the model for giving 'right' or 'wrong' answers. Right answers are assessed on a default model, which may not always be appropriate for a situation. Sometimes an ICM calculation will be more reliable than an FGS one round calculation, so take care with this. You can manually check the spot with a different model by clicking the 'ICMIZE' button after you submit your answers. Furthermore, I may have some kind of 'edge buffer' in spots where I don't want to make a fractionally profitable push/call, given my edge at the table, weak opponents etc. So either I'll get the answer 'wrong' in those spots where I choose to fold, or else I'll start learning ranges which are a bit too loose in those spots. These are inevitable limitations, and it just requires some self-awareness of the situation you are studying. Instead of trying to get every answer 'right', try to answer the way you intuit, and for the answers considered 'wrong', see if your intuition turned out to be way off, or instead if it was really close and you have good reason for your decision.



The main drawback I perceive right now is performance. Calculations appear to be a little bit slower than before. This could just be my perception, or it could be down to the more sophisticated interface. Either way, the difference is small, and perhaps any performance issues may be ironed out in the near future. The time benefit of Replayer outweighs the extra calculation time if it really exists.

Given the GUI has changed significantly, it can feel less intuitive while you get used to it. I think this is purely the fact it's changed, and not because it is a less user-friendly interface. Everything is still very straightforward, graphics are awesome and a number of shortcut buttons available to make doing stuff quick and easy.


For current ICMIZER subscribers, I would recommend the upgrade to ICMIZER2 PRO which is being offered at a 25% discount until the end of this weekend (19-20th Sep.). For new users I think it's an even clearer decision, given the potentially huge benefits of SNG Coach for your rapid improvement.

I hope this review helps everyone!

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