Results for my <4 month Supernova Elite chase

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This entry will give a breakdown of the results I achieved on my recent Supernova Elite chase. I hope to follow this up with making future entries related to how I prepared, planned and executed the chase, what went right, what went wrong, and hopefully provide some useful insight that others can learn from for their personal quests.

6-Max Hyper SNG Stats Overall


Overall winnings on my main game (99% of the volume) came to just under $80k, and I ran approximately $32k below expectation. So overall expected winnings came to ~$112k (~$29.5k/month). I also played a couple hundred 6-max turbo SNGs and a couple dozen MTTs, losing some there. Had I began the year as a Supernova Elite (pretty much every reg I play against is), then my expected winnings would have been ~$130k (~$34.2k/month).

My fundamental goal was to achieve pre-rakeback positive expected value on the 6-max hyper SNGs, so I am delighted this was accomplished. Originally it was going to take quite a bit longer to complete the chase, so to complete it in a condensed timeframe, whilst achieving these results is pleasing. Add to this the fact that I oftentimes had to load too many tables to meet VPP goals, play with  marginal/sometimes no game selections, play throughout the night due to timezones, play when I didn't want to, had serious food poisoning twice (requiring hospital visit once), moved apartments, living in one of the hottest countries in the world, at the hottest time of the year here, continued significant coaching commitments and began intensive work on a business venture outside of poker, makes it all the more satisfying. Finally, given that many other regs who play my games or similar assumed that because I did not show these graphs until now, that I must be hiding how much I lose, really is the icing on the cake. Thank you for letting me savour this moment even more.

Below are my results for each buyin level. They show that I ran the worst on my highest buy-in level. Often players show incredibly impressive results, owing to the fact they heatered on a smaller sample on their highest buy-in. Despite actual results being negative, my actual average ROI for the chase is positive pre-rakeback, with my highest EVs being achieved on the highest stakes. The trend in the $200 buy-in graph is the worst, but was positive ev pre-rb for over half the sample, and shows a clear incline once I started running good at the end of the chase. Having said that, it indicates that my true EV may have been worst on the $200s, of all the buy-in levels. This can be explained by the fact that the elite regs play all stakes $200-500, with many not playing the $100s. Some of the weakest players prefer playing the highest stakes and may not load the $200s.







These data sets are presented with 65% rakeback applied. I make approximately 58% on FPPs+Stellar Rewards, Milestone Rewards+$5200 WCOOP Ticket. The other 7% is accounted for with my Battle of the Planets prizes ($4525) and Golden SNG Promo ($6512.12 I think, not sure?) There are also some collusion refunds, and I suffered some horrendous disconnections early in the year which may throw these numbers off a bit and some unaccounted-for refunds.

All-in-all it was a successful chase, and one which I am incredibly grateful for all the support I received during!


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