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81 days ago
Had my 10 sessions with thestudent and can say it was very much worth it. His coaching is very professional and you can see he puts a lot of effort in to coaching as well as his own game. On top of that he is also a really nice guy and tells it to you how it is. If he sees something you need to improve on or that is costing you he wont hold back which is really what most players need when trying to improve. As long as you put in the work yourself you really cant go wrong. All I can say is that this is an absolute bargain for the long term knowledge you will gain from this. Even if you have to invest most of your bankroll for this coaching it is 100% worth it. I went to Victor after a rough start to 25nl zoom and i was losing around -2bb/100 over a 30k or so sample. I managed to flip it around at 25 and now by the time we have finished the 10 sessions I am winning 5.5bb/100 at 50zoom in my first 40k hands there. Cant recommend this guy enough! Thanks Victor

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