Jdawg91/slayerv1fan October Prop: 25,000+ $60+ 6max hypers WITH Pre RB Winning Requirement (1:1 odds)

 photo jdawg91: $60-$1000 25bb / $74-$17,340 hyper sat reg, grinding SNE+!;slayerv1fan on PS
Lescooo prop bettors!

Trying to find motivation to get 2.5mil instead of being lazy and stopping at 2.25mil. Trying to generate interest for a prop in October, have $1600:$1600 reserved right now (looking to bet $5k-$10k).

1:1 Odds, $100:$100 minimum bet. I MUST WIN PRE RB and play 25,000 or more $60+ 25bb hypers. Any $56+ 10bb hyper satellites I play will count as 0.5 games towards the bet. You can reserve bets here or in my the thread linked below. No escrow required if I know you or we have mutual friends. See this post in my 2p2 PG&C for some more info, along with my posts in that thread since then

I have never played anywhere close to 25,000 25bb hypers in a month before, have never played anywhere near the 300+ hours in a month this will require, so this should be in favor of the bettors if anyone, although its probably relatively close, but I'm doing it just for the extra motivation to get to 2.5mil!

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