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C/P'd from my 2p2 PG&C thread

This could wind up being a long post, but should have some interesting stories in it that I learned about yesterday. Mexican drug cartels will be involved in the story telling.

Interesting Sunday to say the least. Woke up and within 30 mins of waking up the power went out and after sitting around for an hour and it not coming back, I decided to just shower the day and went to go to the bar up in San Antonio del Mar (where Ruse/I lived in that house and where Ruse still lives) to watch NFL. The Packers looked horrible, and we decided after the early games we were gonna go to Tijuana to HKs to watch the afternoon games and to look at (and touch ) the ladies.

Within 2 mins of walking in there, our friend Luis comes running up; great surprise to run into there. Hes the man when it comes to the ladies and had worked at HK for a bit so knows everyone there well. Had a great time chillin with him and a cpl of his customers who were hangin around his tbl which was 1 over from ours. 

Anyway, so were were sittin around watching the games and chillin and all of the sudden somebody comes up we both recognize (ruse and I that is), one of the DJs/dealers from a bar we frequent in Rosa. He was sent to look for the owner, guy I went on my crazy bender with like 2.5 yrs ago that led to me going to the hospital. It's a normal thing for him to go on these extended benders, but apparently it had been >3 days so this DJ was sent to look for him. He winds up chillin with us for most of the afternoon and when I go up to do my business with a girl, lose track of him. Come back and Ruse has this amazing chick but hes OI and is ready to bounce, so I end up banging her too and by the time I'm done, I've got the waiter coming up saying 'hey your boy is waitin for ya downstairs' and I'm like 'Ruse? He left already.' Waiter says 'nah your mxn friend' and then insta know its gonna be the DJ as Luis lives close by. Apparently he had gotten in touch with the owner and he had gotten home and was sleeping.

So anyway, here's where the real fun starts. I offer this guy a ride home bc it's the least I can do; know he doesn't have a car and I'm gonna be going right by the bar in downtown Rosa on my way home, so can drop him off nps. He then starts sharing some stories that he knew I was around for/would recognize; like for instance the fact that I (and some of my friends like Ruse) had been in the bar at the same time, and probably cheersed with, as the recently captured leader of the Tijuana Cartel many times. He (the DJ) said he didn't even know he was who he was as he always came in without protection and was just with his friends (I'm assuming some of his dealers or lieutenants but could be wrong). The DJ said he was shocked when he walked to the Oxxo convenient store one morning and saw on the newspaper 'CAPTURED' and then a picture of this man who was a regular in the bar and a seemingly nice guy. As I'm sure a lot of you know near nothing about the Mexican Drug War or the cartels, will leave some links below before continuing.

Capture story: http://news.yahoo.com/leader-tijuana...080628530.html
Arellano wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luis_Fe...nchez_Arellano
TJ Cartel wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tijuana_Cartel

Meh I learned a couple more stories from the DJ on the ride back, but will save those for maybe another time. This was obviously be far the most interesting.

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