Cheap nike air max 1 Liaoning then build

cheap nike air max 1 Liaoning then build

cheap nike air max 1 Liaoning then build Hudson feels hot, a crossfire, led the team to play attacking an orgasm, quickly extended their lead. Second half of the match has still not changed, Chongqing fly Dragon there is a huge gap in every respect, with the points difference is becoming greater and greater, on a player's morale is also relatively depressed. Guo Ailun was fined later for great Pyrenees haleiersen interference.

 white bear throwing a ball at the ground for a moment, such a move would also be verbal warnings by the referee. The last section most of the time, were both players compete for, in the end, Chongqing to a 56-point deficit debacle. Lost 141 points, also CBA this season's biggest drop points. As with 8 minutes to go in the fourth quarter, Liaoning, two foreign players Hudson and Thompson had settled on the bench to rest.

  nike air max 95 cheap 1 minute later, Chongqing was also taken down foreign aid, last 7 minutes into garbage time. However, is the confrontation between the players, the Liaoning team still have an overwhelming advantage, points differential from 30, 40, 50Points. The performances of the first two games, as well as the kind of forward momentum, disappeared in this scene, they realize the gap between himself and team.

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