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nike air max thea cheap Chongqing as

nike air max thea cheap Chongqing as the forces nouvelles, the first two games well, we also attach great importance to this game. "Liaoning's coach Guo shiqiang said. While there, when you're strange, you can lay the edge, when outside attention to you when you need to come up with something better. Even in the first two games are playing good, Sayed Mustafa kazimi, Liu Dapeng two minutes too much of the problem has already arisen.

 Katz m last fight to injured, Liu Dapeng's a better one, it is had to say about too much playing time. Chongqing was how to let Liu Zhenan, Huang Guobin, players such as Wang and Cao Chen grew up as soon as possible, in the short term, the biggest problem facing. For such a big score failed and team emotional depression is evident. "We have no time to cry, opponents not because you lost so many points to sympathize with you.

 cheap nike air max classic bw we need to pick ourselves up, this game will give us further understanding of CBA. ”General Manager Lu Jinqing finished the game on the bench, his game is not too much to say, "we need to learn." He doesn't so much, there were too many teams now face difficulties, he hoped fans would understand: "I hope fans can understand that our strength is inadequate, please continue to support us.

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