Becoming a full time pro

 photo johnan1988: 30$ HT HUSNG grinder
in 7th februrary i will be done with my school and have my masters in economics. Ater that, I can finally become full time poker player with a diploma :)

currently i am being coached by @rounder aka habis15. I am very satisfied with our progress.  I sometimes play still very poorly, because my mind is split between school and poker and i cannot focus optimaly on playing.

this is a graph from the beginning of oour cooperation : crushing

My goals are to move to 30s in februray after extensive coaching, sweat sessions, and GG reviews.

then i will slooowly add soft tables of 60s at around July and finish the year with ABI ~ 50 in December. 

i am going for  200k vpps and 50k profit with RB this year.

i am moving in with my GF for the first time so that will be interesting.

I will aslo post updates about my routine, sleep patter, exercise, easting habbits and all that stuff which i find good to play my A game.

Gona post updates, graph and thoughts on monthly basis.


GL at the tables

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