few hands week 21

only a losers, if anyone wants to comment them feel free...

http://weaktight.com/5833459 - this guy has 3betted on the button 4 out of 9 times... I didn't want to cold call here, so I've decided to 4b/call. Should have just folded pre here.

http://weaktight.com/5822505 - posted before, river spot is very 'meh' to me.

http://weaktight.com/5833560 - fine up to the river, villain is aggro maniac running ridiculously well vs me, but this is never a bluff. little personal tilt.

http://weaktight.com/5833585 - tilted:) wp by villain

http://weaktight.com/5833600 - one of the biggest problems playing on pokerstars this week was that I had no histories on villains, spent lot of time playing only with regs, because I didn't know who is who. He looked like a reg, and I kinda saw monsters under the bed (Kx hands)here - because I was running really bad in general). should have called I guess... his flop minraise WTF?

http://weaktight.com/5833626 - one of my favourites!!! :)

http://weaktight.com/5833631 - why does this reg needs to 3bet 99 here is beyond my poker understanding:). I think bet/calling this was ok...

http://weaktight.com/5833643 - don't play like him. imo.

http://weaktight.com/5833649 - another great reg on pokerstars passing by.

http://weaktight.com/5833665 - oh God why I was so stupid.. :(

http://weaktight.com/5833679 - cutoff being too obvious if you ask me:).


enough from this fish, right?:P GL at the tables.

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