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 photo johnworf: Played sit n go for the past 6-7 years. would like to play more professionally - but i've got a nagging wife!
A bit about my other pastime playing bridge...i also think many of you would be interested in playing bridge as you play poker - there is some cross over for sure.

Obviously everyone on this site has some connection with poker - but if you are looking at other card games to play then i suggest you give BRIDGE  a go - i've been playing for over 25 years (wow - that's pretty scary in itself). There are a lot of top bridge players that also play poker and vice versa...so clearly there is something similar in the 2 games....although bridge is generally played with 13 cards in your hand and poker only 2. The great thing about bridge is very much like poker you can play against top international players (e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelle_Brunner, the hackett twins - OMG I remember getting completely pissed with Jason Hackett one night - he would of carried on drinking all night and still played okay the next day I swear it). I still managed to finish 7th out of 100+ field with my partner at the time - although we would of won the tournament if my partner hadn't fallen asleep on the last hand! Anyway give it a go - it's cheaper than most other forms of entertainment. It's also cool to play bridge - check out these other famous people who play bridge: http://www.bridgebum.com/bridge_players.php

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