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987 days ago
Hello! I'm searching for micro stake - MTT SNG 6max(hyper)1table . I have played PokerStars not so much, but now I got serious injury so I can play 24/7, but then I lost more than half of my bankroll and used to stop playing poker. Reason of loosing my bankroll wasn't bad play, but bad bankroll management. So I stopped playing poker for some time. And two weeks ago I started play with $10 bankroll. I made about $250 in 4 days playing only $0.50 (90-180 man turbo), $1.00 (90 man turbo) and $2.50 180 man turbo's... These 4 days I learned a lot and read a lot of strategy articles. And now I'm interested to find any staking opportunity and start playing poker seriously. If someone are interested, you can contact me on skype Kaspars272 or personal letter to me. Than you. P.S. my pokerstars name is KasperskyK and profit graph of course you can watch in sharkscope.com/KasperskyK Skype: Kaspars272
998 days ago
Hello! So my name is Kaspars, I'm from Latvia. I'm only 19 years old and started to play poker when I was underage. I lost about $300, then got ITM Sunday Million and get it back. I played a lot of SNG and MTT but due to my bad bankroll management I lost everything... I like play hyper tournaments 6max mtt and more, need staking , also played a lot of real life tournaments so many people know me and I dont leave from coaching..

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