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812 days ago
Well I think I'm done with poker. The constant never-ending suckouts are just too much to bare anymore. Just got knocked out of the Bovada GSPO 2 Warm-Up Event $8K Guarantee, $15+$1.50 Buy in. Sooooo many bad beats in just one tournament. All in with AKo vs. AQo and QTs and the AQo gets a flush. Guy raises UTG pre with a short stack, I put him all in in the SB with AQs. He calls with JTo and wins by catching a T. Final hand blinds were at 1.5K/3K. UTG+1 min raises, mid pos. player calls. I have KK in BB and shove with 20BB. Opener folds, mid pos. player calls for 2/3rd of his chips with ATo and flops 2 Tens. That wasn't even all of them. Just the worst ones. I can't take this crap anymore.
814 days ago
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Hello everyone! I'm Kirby. I've been playing poker for about a decade now off and on. Mainly Texas hold'em, but I dabble in Omaha from time to time. I mainly play MTTs and SNGs, but like mid-stakes cash games. Sadly, the past year on Bovada has been the worst down swing of my life. I've never been able to really create much of a bankroll, but this past year I haven't been able to really go deep in anything. It's been rough. Often times I've thought about giving up, but I love the game too much. Would LOVE to have a training session and see if I'm playing bad or if it's just the downside of variance. Thanks for reading!
816 days ago
Hello everyone. My name is Matt and I'm a small to mid stakes poker player in Indiana. I mainly play on Bovada and occasionally on America's Cardroom. Feel free to say hi!

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