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811 days ago
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Hey! I'm 21 Y.O. and from Poland, i was playing poker for few years now (mostly amateur, on in small group of frends -- > when i got hooked it was pokerstars all the way). At the begining of this year i decided it is what i want to do in life - mostly due to competitive nature of the game - and i quit studies. Pritty quick decision given i was not even winning player then (at 5 NL), whith ended in few times busto - yet i was consistand, and i still am. Nowadays i analyze my hands on daily basis, and everyday i find something that i would call "o my god why would i do this?So i guess i'm getting better. Summing up - i aspire to be pro. I got long way, and i realize that, but i am stubborn enought to get there. By the end of 2015 i want to be in Thailand, thats my life-goal number 2. To support it (and afford couching/counseling/books/life untill i manage to break pro) i work on 2 shifts, study poker at night (after 20) and play it in the morning. 10k hands so far this month, beating 25 NL zoom by 3,5 BB/100 . Right now i'm struggling with bringing my A game everytime i play, hate mistake tilt, aswell as preparing default strategy vs unknowns,playing IP in multiway pots and blind fights. My weakness would be my inability to preform at peak as often as i should to break pro, sometimes lazines to study hands. My strenght would be my consistence to study poker and find mistakes, open mindnes - to analyze and find the good solutions - and from technical side - playing heads up in raised pots , accurately puting Vilains on range on given streets and doing what i feel is right. My stats from new laptop included (sadly but i lost over 200k hands, - EV, from main PC as i changed location) Cheers guys and may the variance be with You.

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