My Poker Journey

 photo kramirez05: Playing 6max micro hypers and 6max satties. Life is good, it shouldn't be wasted. :)
First i have no idea how to make a blog and this is my first time ever so please bear with me. This is pretty much sharing you guys how i started, it's short and simple. I hope you like it.
< p > Way back i don't know anything about poker. I thought poker is just one of those stupid games in facebook. I never knew you can make money out of poker until chipchop came to my life. He introduce me to it, i watch him play and i said to my self "wow this is really cool". I tried to play in facebook and he says to me " You can't learn playing poker in facebook because real poker is way different than that". He hand me bunch of poker books for me to read and understand what is real poker, fundamentals and all that. I said myself this is so boring, as i don't like reading books without pictures and i am more on visuals. I tried to look up online if there's a videos and whatnot. I registered to pokerstars school online, and started playing freerol. Now i come to experience that it's not easy as it looks, like you can't just raise or shove whenever you like. There's a lot of factors to consider before you make a move. < /p > < p > After a few months of learning and watching him play, i started playing for real money. Time passes by so quickly and i'm getting really good results. I played regular speed HU and was able to move up to $30 level. I thought i'm one of the best in the world. They said don't play against regs because it's not +ev but i didn't care as i am beating them. I took a shot at the $60 and this is where everything turn the other way around. I got crushed and eatin by the regs there as if like they are starving and i was thier favorite meal. This is the start of my downfall, i moved back to the $30 and for some reason i can't win anymore. I went and play higher games when i am not supposed to and of course i lost except those times and one of my best moment that i played Spacegravy and run good on him LOL!! But at the end of the day i am completely out of my game. I started to question myself and become really emotional and depressed. I stop playing as i'm no longer making money. < /p > < p > I'm ready to quit poker..... suddenly i was on my facebook page and something pop up, guess what its Tiltbook!!! I checked it out obviously, read members post, frustration, victories, motivations. After that something clicked in me and says to myself "my loss is not even near to some of these players, what am i whinning about". And there you go my mindset change from negative to positive and start building my confidence back. Thanks to everyone here. Right at this moment im still working on my mindset and of course my game. < /p > < p > One thing that i have to tell you guys is that everyday when i am playing, Tiltbook has to be open and whenever things goes wrong,  Tiltbook is my reminder to stay positive and strong because i am not alone. Pretty much what i am trying to say is that i found something that motivates and keep me going until i get to where i wanted to be and that is to become fearless and successful in poker. I am proud to say that i think completely different now, i am more positive and handles myself better when it comes to my struggles and swings. Guys everything that i said here is the truth, you can ask chipchop about it. I hope you like this and maybe inspire some of you. Feel free to like, dislikes and comment but i think i prefer the first and last one. Lol. Good luck to all of you as always and i hope i pass as a beginner making a blog. :)  < /p >
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