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zoom NL100, lowstakes MTTs


56 days ago
75 days ago
Had a dream that maximum number of zoom tables that are possible to play at same stakes increased from 4 to 15. Meh, i think it is time to take few days off poker, i used to have dreams about pretty girls and not bs like this.. #zoomzoomzoom #iwantgirlsback
80 days ago
The Weirdest Things That Have Ever Happened To You + Join
short version: I lost memory. long version: about 3-4 years ago I went to play football match. it was regular match of one of shitty Prague's football leagues. we played against one of that teams that really dont know kick to ball, but on other hand play maximally physically and want to hit you whenever possible. so as match was passing, I got hit from behind. when I fell down, I just felt how my legs and hands numbed. I knew something really strange has happened, but somehow I was feeling good and finished match. after match, I was sitting at bench packing my stuff when suddenly total blackout and I was not even able to recall what my name was, just nothing. when I was trying to recall who I was and where I was, my phone was ringing. it was at that time some Peter (imo my gf's brother) and he asked me when I will come home, because he wants to come to take some pots and pans. I had no idea what he was talking about, I just told him, that he can come in two hours. however, as phone call finished and I had still no idea what was happening, I was just looking around and then saw one really high building which seemed familiar to me. somehow, I remembered that I was working there and then slowly also other things were coming to my mind. all this took maybe 5 minutes, but I have to say it was really ridiculous not knowing who you are. then I visited like 10 different doctors to find out what has happened or whether I have tumor in brain etc. all in all, they did not find out anything and were not able explain why it happened to me.

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