Tough year of the real Liv Beoree

I decided to write my first blog about real Liv Beoree. I´m going to describe not only my poker progress in 2015, but also non poker related things of my real life.

At first I would like to introduce to you. I´m 19 years old Slovakian youngster who´s living in small city in area of nothing. All what we have there is huge unemployment, few shops, but mainly a lot of jealous people who judge everyone´s life instead of theirs. Simply bunch of unsuccessful humans (of course not everyone, but majority of city population). Maybe I would be one of them if I haven´t had my brother Masuronike. Like he founded Tiltbook, the same way he founded my passion and job called poker. The fact that he plays this beautiful game professionally for a living have inspired me to achieve one day the same.

So last year in August I started from the bottom of 6max hypers and to the end of the year I was grinding microstakes (1,5$ and 3,5$) just to get some basic skills without any profit. From the beginning of this year I was playing just 3,5s, but still nothing special had happened. I spent huge amount of hours at the tables without any good results.

Maybe I haven´t studied on my game enough, maybe haven´t concentrate on my best poker at tables, but I know that I haven´t been in good condition. I was sick too often what was very rarely in my case. I have played for local football club in academy and I haven´t been able to play 20 minutes in football match (that´s why my coach benched me :D).

It was exactly 19th April and typical Sunday when we played our home game versus team in relegation zone. Day before I was lying whole day in the bed with huge temperature. Of course I didn´t want to play that match, but my coach has convinced me to come because our team had injury issues and wasn´t sure if we´ll have basic team of 11 players. Of course we were 12 and I was only one player on the bench :D In the end of the match another one teammate have been injured (btw. I haven´t played for Arsenal) and I has to get on the pitch. I played only 15 minutes, but I was counting every second closer to the end because I thought that I´ll immediately die on the ground. Fortunately I have survived but in the evening I was ill again and next day I decided to visit my doctor. I was his stable client that time.

But this time it was my first experience when he hasn´t gave me any pills and in a minute sent me home. He´s observed something unusual and sent me to the nearest hospital. There they´ve made some control tests and diagnosed me Hodgkin´s lymphoma (understand as cancer). I was very "lucky" because this type of disease have about 2-3 people in 100 000 sample. Maybe I should try Spin & Go´s to become millionaire :D It´s obvious that I had to stop playing poker because more than 3 weeks I spent in hospital. It was very tough period of my life, but my family and friends encouraged me a lot. With their help I wouldn´t be as strong as I have been that time. After long time finding out my diagnosis I finally could start my therapy. Fortunately I could return home and heal just ambulant way (twice a month I had to get chemotherapy). 1st cure of all 12 started one day after my 19th birthday on 15th May (nice birthday present) and ended on 23rd October. Luckily I had huge chance to recover and my health condition was much better. By the way, my whole therapy ended just today. It took me together 8 months.

This type of experience is not very positive but it have learnt me a lot and made stronger. Despite of my bad experience I don´t want to regret myself. I´m trying to stay positive and be still funny person. I realized that tilting when you are in downswing makes no sence because there´re more important things than money. Of course is easier to live when you´re rich but you still can´t buy health, friends etc. You should listen your body and doing what makes you happy. Simply live each day as it was your last.

It´s ridiculous that this disease made me stronger even at the tables. During my therapy I had to spent most of time just at home so I could focus only on improving my poker skills. After few solid months on 3,5s I finally moved up on 7s in November. At the beginning I was losing there, but later it turned around and become profitable in long term.

This year wasn´t very good and I hope that next year will be much better in all ways. The most important for me will be health, family, friends and then poker. I know that I can achieve much more and I´ll work hard on my game to become as good as possible. And of course I want to be stable member of Tiltbook and have ridiculous wall of posts.

Happy New Year 2016 Tiltbookers!

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