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cheap nike air max 90 Theye also introduced a PDF stamping feature in which the buyer name, email, and transaction ID is stamped in the top left of each page in a PDF file to discourage file sharing.To get you more exposure for your products, you can list your products on E-Junkie marketplace. This also submits your product to Google product search, Google Base, and other feeds. In my opinion, their marketplace doesn get you as much exposure as Clickbank or PayLoadz, but it still is a huge plus.The final feature I want to mention is the affiliate program. It so easy to set up and the process is.

 easy for affiliates as well. They can sign up without hassles, grab links, and check their real time sales. There is also a mass pay file you can use with Paypal to pay your affiliates, and refunds are factored into the masspay.txt file you download in E-Junkie. I glad a company finally factored in the whole refund issue when working with affiliates.Overall, E-Junkie is one of the best ecommerce services Ie used. The big plus is that youe only charged depending on how many products you sell. Ie used services where I was charged by the service and by the processing.

  nike air max cheap company which really ate up my profits. Despite all that Ie talked about, there are still many extra features here that I didn really have a chance to explain.Best of all, the service gives you everything you need to sell your products effectively. The ease of use is probably my favorite features as you can integrate the shopping cart anywhere, even on your MySpace page. E-Junkie has won numerous awards in well-known magazines and continues to get rave reviews from customers. I highly recommend it if you are selling or planning to sell digital or physical products online.

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