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Hey hey heeeey! So i thought i'd make a blog just because. Doing this will def be +EV longterm as it might inspire me enough to improve as a player and person.

Okey so this is what i currently do. 

I Open short handed tables at euro sites as well as stars. I play 100NL but also sit 200NL HU. I do personally really hate playing HU so i strictly do it for the money. Every session i play shorthanded i really do enjoy the hours spent. With 4-5 different players the whole game becomes  4 to 5 times more interesting. That is why I'm making this blog. I want to blog about my road to becoming a solid short handed player. Because my dream has always to become The SuperNova Elite. And if I'm gonna be able to achieve this sometime during the hours and days i live in the future I really need to become a solid enough to consistantly beat 200nl zoom.

Previous years I bartended on the side of playing poker. Proper bartending is a passion of mine. Its plenty of value in bartending social wise as well as having the best platform to meet women. However I became a hunch to close to becoming an alcholic during the summer.  This soon after i became barmanager for a pretty fancy nightclub / cocktailbar. I drank 5-6 days a week for 2.5 months. When i suddenly woke up and my hands were shaking. I felt way worse than any hangover could feel. I wanted alcohol but had nothing but A well saved Tomassi Amarone which i'd been saving for 6 years. After that day I cringed through 4-5 days without alcohol realising it went to far. I had 4 days vacation this summer which i spent with my family on a cruise ship. I had so much abstinence from alcohol that i was literally drunk the whole fucking trip. I got my grandmother of 84 to shot hotn sweet. Which she enjoyed so much that she wanted us do more. Something I obv at the time did not refuse.

So I quit my job to get out of the alcohol binizz'. Had my last day in late August and thought I'd give poker a go fulltime Fo'reaaaal.  I also broke up with my girlfriend who was a fucking phsycopath. 

My best pokerfriend from the UK invited me to come live with him. This was something I happily said yes to. So I'm moving in with him where we plan to make the living room into a space station with the main purpose of grinding the fuck outta 2016. But if I'm gonna be able to do this, I need something more than just the daily grind. I need to set goals. The main goal will be to become a solid player overall for the midstakes. I want to be playing 200-600NL on euro sites as well as being able to beat the 200NL zoom games. As i see it, there many other factors than poker I need to focus on first.

Currently my status is as follows: Quite a bad health considering my age. I'm 23 years old and weigh about 56kg. I don't eat healthy. My stamina during sessions suck. I wank to much. I autopilot too often. I am waay to results oriented. I don't study nearly as much as I should be doing and I love comfort way too much. So obviously with all this shit going on it's quite hard to improve in something as advanced as poker is today. 

I had a pretty awesome first week in september. I had a really shitty day at the start of the second week and that day alone went straight to my head. The thing about us nano-lowstakes pokerplayers is that we feel or think that we deserve to win teh moneys thats in the pots. Well we don't. We don't deserve shit. So basicly what happens is that many of us gets pissed of if we get coolered, sucked out on, play bad or whatever. Mainly because we feel superior to our opponent and fuck, we're supposed to win not LOSE?   It's natural to feel this way but  it's fucking stupid. 

So anyway. I wanted to push my results by pushing my own limits after having that one single losing day. I did this by adding 4 tables of zoom while playing my regular games. Long story short i ended winning about Three-Fiddy after 40-50 hours of grind. I was at one point grinding 4 zoom games, 3 HU tables with 3 different opponents and 3 regular tables, pretty confident I could somewhat autopilot thefuck outta my opponents and still make huge profits. It's so stupid I'm embarrassed to even write about it. Of fucking course my winrate will go to wherever the fuck when I play a gazillion opponents at the same time. I'm not IsilDrone. I knew this but my ego took over and i did this for luckily only a week until i realised i was wasting my time.

Mr.X, my soon to be roombuddie had a pretty important skype sess where we went through a bunch of mental stuff (He has actually been a mental coach irl). We talked about alot of good stuff and he also stated the importance of remembering what I really want to achieve. My goal should never be to win X amount of money. It should always be about constantly making good decision. If good decisions are made I win the game no matter what the EV graph says or results say. Because when we I get emotional, play too many tables or have my mind somewhere near Pluto I won't play or be at my best. 

I do have a tendency of trying to accomplish ten different things at the time. I then quickly become mentally and physicly exhausted and as I've always loved comfort more than anything else I drop everything and watch The sopranos for a week depressed knowing I should be doing something more productive.
This time I'm going to try do things abit differently. I'm going to take ten steps back and one step forward. Starting with my diet. Fully inspired I just went to the store and bought shitloads of fish, chicken and and a ton of different vegetables. First step is to eat healthy which alone will increase both my stamina and focus for well, everything.

I'm going to take one step at the time. Starting with the diet, then my body physics (I used weigh 64kgs and work out regularly). Then my mindset. I will hopefully also improve my social life and regularly see my friends that i've been seing way to little of the past year. After i succeed in Life i shall succeed in this highly advanced and unsolved game called poker. But one step at the time, because Rome was built in a year. 

Wish me luck. 

- Loff 

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