In my shoes

First post where I do explain why? and what for?

Last month I found myself in very unconfortable situation. I got quite big downswing and busted big part of my bankroll chasing poker rooms promotions. Before it I was about to shot nl100 and I had to drop two limits to rebuild. I felt both furious and sad because I did put a lot of work to achieve roll big enought to think about low stakes. Spent few days trying to figure out what really happened. Why I managed to beat my opponents to move up stakes but couldnt stop myself from going out of BRM during a downswing.

I knew the worst thing I can do is to start crying how unlucky I got to have such a big swing, but I had no time to waste as there was great opportunity to improve my game working with good higher limits player. But first I had to rebuild a little bit and get better mindset. I also decided to have safer BRM.
Now my roll is getting bigger and I hope for playing nl50 again as my main limit looking forward to mix with nl100. I`m also studying every day on my game and see its not really strategy part is a problem ( comparing myself to nl25/nl50 regs) but mental game. I got mad frequently in many situations, there is a lot of things can piss me off and I`m pissed off about it.
You can imagine how pathetic the reg wars on microstakes look like:

And I try to explain it to myself everytime I play reg, but then I find myself with a lot of leveling in my head. Of course I do many nice hero calls and folds but there are more situations on showdown when I look like an idiot. Everytime I`m counting spewed BIs I realize that its main factor hurting my balance.
So this is how I roll.
I know mindset is the bigger problem to go up the stakes for many players. It is difficult to work on this part of game and there is quite big chance I will simply fail.

Please, wish me good luck!

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