Playing poker for shoes

Hi! My name is Marta but everybody calls me Kitty. Want to share my passion for game with you. I do play 6max cash game nl25/nl50 and try to build solid, safe bankroll for nl100. I decided to run this blog for purpose of tracking my progress, crying when on downswing and bragging when on upswing. Will try to do well in study with my brand new lovely coach :P I`m also fed up with my english level. Writing in this language will be great challenge for me :) You will find here lifestyle posts as well as poker. And pictures of shoes of course!


have no energy to write my first post coz started to play at 4am yesterday, took lunch break on 2pm then went to bed then started to play from about 6-7pm till now. love to play many hours to check how my brain and body react to this. 

now i will go to bed or die, but one thing i am sure about is that am gonna order these cuties just when i wake up!


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