welcome back :D

didnt play poker for a while, mostly because of burnout, I also had feeling that Im not going anywhere with my play.doing different things, holidays and so on. and MMA ofc what became my bigger love than poks

will have my first fight on the end of september and im going to win it so i do workout 5days a week. have to gain some weight and muscles :P 

today i tried to play some poker and it was amazing experience :P i was surprised Im still able to do nice volume (it was my biggest leak right after my crying when I didnt win a flip)

after such a break its easier to take a jabs into my face than deal with variance ( the true is i suck at poker)

this is my lovely graph /4-5 tables/


looking forward for tomorrow grind but have to look at my plays so i can easier come back to my Agame

I also decided to post my pic when having fun after really long workout. we were doing silly pics. had to cover my face not because I am ugly and doing Conor McGregors faces but cos of our country law.



good luck to you all. hope you enjoy summer and doing well at the tables.


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