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191 days ago
Hello stakers - The main headline is: CJJPOKER is a scammer, so do not stake him !! The story - if you are interested - comes here: We are a small staking enterprise, we have / had 7 players in the stable, including cjjpoker who would like to play Spins - like everyone else, he started on the $ 3 level, and was already from the start of VERY eager to get higher up in level to the 15 $ spins and "preferably now" because his startroll would be bigger from the start (that we learned the hard way) - and we gave him a roll of $ 575 when he reached 15 $ witch he did after about 1 month and much pressure from his side - unfortunately it shows that we will lose all contact with him - including the other "horses" and extra salt in the wound, we know him a little from the past and therefore we gave him the benifit of the doubt, as he absolutly would reach $ 15 quickly, and thereby a roll of $ 575 of our money. We last seen/heard from him 20/05-2016....and still no money our way...
385 days ago
Low-midstakes staking stable We are looking for players who are serious about moving up in stakes and who are willing to spend alot of time devoting themselves to this project. At first we will take 4-6 players into our stable and the plan is to add more after a few weeks. We are are looking for players willing to play either of the following formats: - Short handed sngs - 18 mans - Cashgame About us? Both of us have spin and goes as our main game at the moment and we also have experience in other SNG formats such as 6max turbo, double or nothing and 18 mans. We are constantly putting in alot of effort into improving our own game adding to our experiences which allows us to share cutting edge knowledge about current buyin tendencies and giving you valueble tools and programs that can help YOU improve your off-table game as well. What do we offer ? - Bankroll - 1on1 coaching - Access to a private forum where you can post hands and discuss them with other stable members - A bonus cut based on volume and performance - Guest coaches - Give you insight in how to use the different off-table tools - Group coaching What are we looking for: - People with good references is a huge plus - Players with winning stats in the game they are looking to be staked in or in a similar format - Motivated players who are willing to put time in off-table work aswell - Dedicated players with goals of making decent money in the end How to apply for staking: Send your application to Ludumaequitas@gmail.com We will reply within 5 days. Staking application: 1. Please provide your full name, location, age, Skype ID, and all poker screen-names 2. What is your availability and expected volume per month in terms of sit and goes played. 3. Give a brief summary of your poker career so far 4. Do you work or study, and for how many hours a week? Tell us a little about your life outside of poker. 5. Please provide as many solid references as you can from the poker community. 6. Why are you seeking a stake? 7. Please provide links / graphs of all your SNG / Cash poker history for all screen-names. Nikolaj plays up to 60$ spins and Martin grinds 7-15$ Graphs: Nikolaj 7-30$

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