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1503 days ago
Hello everybody , just found this site , and I am looking forward to become good and fair member of it :) Have already readed many statuses from masuronike and will have fun reading others. Comparing to most of those players , I am still down on bottom comparing to everyone (freerolls), but I hope that some day I will achive level you guys are on learning from people experience and reading strategy guides everywhere :) Regarding poker, I would like to tell that I finally achived some good score which is 29th place in PSO freeroll ( 10 000 players in it ) for whole 0.01$ which moved my bankroll from 0.00$ to 0.01$ :D I hope I will continue to winning them and maybe in few monthsyears I will be capable of setting myself bankroll of 150$ and follow mr.Masuronike steps :) Best Regards to everyone and thanks masuronike for this great site and idea of making everybody conected in few simple steps! And of course I wish everybody good luck in their games :)

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