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$100 to $10,000 Challenge.


555 days ago
Time to get my focus together. I've recently been playing like a degenerate and not following proper bankroll management, which has caused me to play bad and effectively burn money. I've been watching chilin_dude's stream on Twitch the past few days (http://www.twitch.tv/chilindude) and it's inspired me to give this a real go. I have a lot of leaks to my game, but I am willing to learn and improve however possible. The aim is to build $100 into $10,000 in time for next year's WSOP. I've never been to a WSOP event and I'd love to go and play amongt the world's best, in the biggest poker tournaments in the world. I'll be using TiltBook as a blog, which I will be updating daily/whenever I play a session, along with results/graphs and other nuggets I feel which will help keep me focused. Due to the lack of volume at 888, I'll be switching back to Pokerstars as the MTTSNG volume is much higher so I'll be able to play tournaments at a decent clip, hopefully increasing my hourly rate. As I'm starting with a BR of $100, I'll be starting off with $1 180-man hyper's, sprinkled in with $1 Spin and Go's if I can only play short sessions.

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