First real challenge? Accepted!

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It took me a lot of time thinking about progress in my poker life. I think now it's time to move forward. Now it's time to go for something big!

Let's start from the beginning

I play poker for about 2 years. I started like a HUGE fish. I didn't even know what is flush, flop, button, big blind, small blind and so on. I played for fun and I didn't need to know more. Then I started enjoying poker more and more. I'm not saying that now I'm skiller, shark, pro or something like that. I just think I became much more skilled than I was 2 years ago. But I'm not satisfied...I feel there is something more I can achieve. So these days I study hard, I read tons of articles, I watch tons of hands and of course, I try to apply everything in my game. I want to feel good enough to start making bigger profit. So far it was nothing special...few dollars here, few dollars there. It's time for something big!

First real challenge

I think the best way is to set a goal and go for it. So I was thinking again. I've planned my first challenge. Actually, it's my first real challenge, because so far I played only like a recreational player. This challenge will help me to enjoy poker in its full splender, to learn new things, to know many different players and situations...

As I wrote before, I started to study hard. There are always some things I don't know or I don't know they affect my game. There will always be such things. I need to eliminate them to the lowest possible number. These things have to be on the "friendly side", they have to play with me, not against me. It's a very important factor and that's why it's the first step I have taken.

The next thing I want to do before the challenge is to learn to analyse my game as best as possible. Very important too. Better in-depth analysis will help me to find leaks, to learn playing in different situations and so on.

I want to keep working on these procedures for few weeks until I will feel ready to start the challenge.

"Grinding up"

And here comes the challenge itself. You can see it's name in the line above - "Grinding up". Simple, right? Nothing special, but it says everything about my goal. It's simply grinding up. Eh...now I forgot what I wanted to write next...

Got it! I will play with a starting bankroll of $100. An amount high enough to start grinding seriously. I will play at 6-Max Cash Game tables on PokerStars and I've planned to start at 5NL tables (blinds 0,02 / 0,05). And I think playing 2 tables at once is a good start too.

Now, something you are probably waiting for all the time - goals:

  1. Making $1000 from the starting bankroll of $100
  2. Achieving GoldStar status on PokerStars

For some of you it probably looks like a "noob goal", but for me it is a great start to my poker career, to the career of not recreational, but serious player. You know, I want to start playing regularly, not twice a week (like these days).

Thank you!

That's (almost) everything. It took me about an hour to make such a blogpost. I wanted to write it clear and I wanted to encourage all of you to set your own goal and go for itGo for it! I have a very good friend, who is a poker coach on one of the biggest poker portals and he always motivates me. Once he said: "Go for it! Study hard, grind hard, crush your opponents!" I want to tell you the same thing. Only with conviction you can make (money) and your dream come true.

And in the end I want to thank you all. I want to thank you for such a great community here, where I can always clear my head of these problems. I want to thank you for following me. I want to thank you for reading this blog. It's great to know that someone is interested in reading my ideas.

See you soon, GL at the tables! Smile

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