Overcome that downswing!

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Short article about how I handle downswings. It's rainy outside and I'm little bit bored, so let's write it!

I suppose all of you surely know downswing. It's like a gun of the devil. You are sitting behind your window, grinding all the day and suddenly you realize that your bankroll is going down. You get tons of trash hands, blinds are eating you out... "Damn, have to get it back!" You start playing weaker hands, you start betting more in order to get that lost money back. You are angry, in a mood to throw your mouse on the wall, to destroy your computer. And that miserable bankroll is still going down.

Let's say it in few words. Downswing is always in poker. Poker glossary defines downswing as a phase or period of time in which a player sustains extended losses due to bad luck. That's true and I'm adding, that it's caused by variance. You get the trash hands all the time, no matter how perfectly you try to play. Well, knowing to define downswing is a good thing, but it won't help us to get the lost bankroll back. So here are few things you should do to handle downswing and keep your bankroll healthy.

Stop playing

It's a well-known method. If you realize you have a downswing, there is nothing better than logging out of the poker client. Just get rid of poker...for a while. There are much better things to do during the downswing. You will think about something else without a risk of loosing a high amount of your bankroll. Better to think about hot women than about calling or folding against an agressive player, right? ;-)

What to do after stopping playing?

The answer is simple. Everything you like! But there are some activities that can calm down your mind better. Listen to some energetic or slow music (depends on the style you prefer). Read a book (hard to believe, but when you let the book to take you inside it's story, time will go faster and your head will be empty - your mind will take a rest). And you know what I prefer the most? Haha, kinda funny. :-) Play some action game on your computer! I can tell you...after the downswing there is nothing better than crazy shooting and blasting out those strange heads of mutants. ;-)

Manual work

This can help a lot. And what's great about it? You can do it even during playing poker! Of course, it's good to stop playing and do some manual work (like taking care of flowers in your garden) but if you still feel good enough to continue playing, you can apply this method too. For example, I have some poker chips near my computer and during the hard grind I shuffle them. You know how greeeeat it is? :-) Firstly, by shuffling chips you are doing a manual work and it's well-known that manual work keeps your mind clear and calm. Secondly, a sound of chips shuffling has an incredible effect on me. Not only that shuffling the chips keeps my mind clear and calm but also that sound with it has another great effect. Just give it a try! 

If you don't have or don't like chips, you can put a small anti-stress ball on your table and play with it during the grind. The same effect, but you don't hear that great sound of shuffling. Some people like clicking their pen. Or you can make some doodles. Put a piece of paper near your keyboard and with one hand you can put your anger on the paper and you will still be able to watch the game.

These are some things I do when I have a downswing. All of them help me a lot. Try it too, it can only help you. Just get used to them and overcoming those ******* downswings will be much easier. Was this blog post helpful for you? Let me know! GL at the tables guys! :-)


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