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Hello boys and girls! I decided to write a blog about my results in 2012 and my goals for the next year.

My name is Martin Altman, I'm 21 years old student from Czech Republic and I've been playing poker for 4 years. I started playing freerolls, then I’ve played micro sngs (especially DoNs) and after a while I moved to mttsngs and then mtts. I hit my biggest score 1,5 years ago in $11 SCOOP tourney, where I finished 5th for $6k. Later I found out Pius Heinz had won that tourney :).

Previous year was really interesting. There were good times and unfortunately also times when I was really disgusted by poker and wanted to quit. First half of the year was good, I was about $3k up, but the best thing about this part of the year was that I played really well.

I started to play a bigger buy in tournaments, but unfortanetely I hit a brutal downswing. I just couldn't hit any score no matter what I did. The main reasons of this swing were variance, worse play of mine, stupid shots to higher limits and also the fact that I was playing pretty much only on Pokerstars. I think MTTs on PS are really though now in compare to PS.fr, FTP and small sites, also the fields are so huge that variance is absurd. 

After terrible 4 months I finally hit $2k in $2r on FTP. I can't even think about where would I be now if FTP didn't relaunch. Well fortunetely it did, I hit that tourney and then also another where I have won $4.5k and the swing was over. I was about breakeven on live tourneys too, the best result was 23rd in deep turbo where 1st got about $10k and I lost JJ into 77 there.

Best hits this year:
$26 fo - 1st for $4509
$11r - 1st for $3335
$11 saturday duel - 2nd for $2500
$2r - 2nd for $2126
$4 micromillions 4max shootout - 3rd for $2016

Interesting deep runs:
63rd in $215 6max SCOOP
124th in $215 6max WCOOP
225th in $215 sunday warm up
10th in $11 hot
23rd in $55 hotter
27th in $16.5 hotter
147th, 70th, 60th in $11 sunday storm
etc. :)


(should be 1k more on ps.fr and bit more on PS and FTP, but it's about right)



I decided to try similar challenge as Masuro did. Instead of $150 I will start with $350 on $3.5 and instead of SNE I will try to achieve SN, even then I think it will be pretty tough considering the time I have to spend learning and I'm still planning on playing lots of MTTs on FTP and PS.fr. Thx for reading, gl everyone!

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