2013 and plans for 2014

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Short blog about my about my great year and a few goals I'd like to achieve in 2014.

Hello everyone! Don't have too much time to write anything too long today so just a few words. 2013 was an amazing year for me. I managed to bink many tournaments, I made a big profit and improved my game massively. Before I go to graph and some new years resolutions I would like to thank to everyone that supported and railed me this year. I also want to thank to my friends that I talk strategy with @Foldin4livin @beed2 @seda16 @hegides @epakfailer . They have helped me quite a lot. I think it's very important to have at least a few poker friends and I'm happy I have some good players around me. 

My biggest hits this year:
$22 double deuce - 3rd for $11.1k
$55 multi fifty - 1st for $4350
$109 big ben - 6th for $3k
$55 multi fifty - 4th for $2.2k

$109 sunday kickoff - 3rd for $14.6k
$11 hot - 1st for $6665
$22 saturday 6max - 1st for $5865
$25 6max hyper - 1st for $3.7k
$16.5 turbo - 1st for $2.9k
$54 turbo ko - 5th for $2.4k

€250 half million - 41st for €1.3k
€20 6max - 1st for €1.1k          

Other interesting deep runs:
28th in $215 SCOOP
229th in $215 SM
79th in $215 6max WCOOP
33rd in $320 6max WCOOP
46th in $215 big antes WCOOP
14th in $109 big
19th in $109 sunday kickoff
35th in $215 sunday supersonic
10th and 14th in $109 big ben
9th in $109 benjamin
15th and 15th in $55 multi fifty


Plans for 2014: 

  • Finish school
  • Stop eating in fastfoods
  • Start working out a bit
  • Play good poker
  • Be happy

Happy New Year everyone and GL in 2014!

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