Grindhouse recap

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Hey guys, here is a recap of the past 3ish months I've spent in a grindhouse with my friends.

I went to a grindhouse hoping my swing would finally end. I stopped playing huge field mtts and all the high variance stuff and started to focus on mttsngs and multi-table satellites. I've had a rough start, first three weeks didn't go well at all, but after a while everything turned out. Money from the smaller hits started to stack up and I started to enjoy poker again. I eventually added a few lower buy in mtts to my schedule and had couple of scores. Unfortunatele also couple of painful semifinals and other deep runs, but this is how it goes in tournaments.

In addition to having good results I've also had fun living with my mates, another good thing was that I realised some of my non-poker friends lived near us so I went to pub with them quite regularly. The grindhouse is near nature which was also cool cause I could go on a run to a nearby forest every time I wanted to go. I've also been to Sweden and Netherlands on Sparta Prague matches which was great too (for the most part :). All in all I've had so much fun and I don't regret anything.

Here is my PS graph, sharkscope is counting rebuys in mtt sats badly so the real profit is probably around 9-10k which is still awesome tho.

PS graph

Thx for reading and good luck!

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