May 2013

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Hey everyone! I decided to write a short blog post about previous month, because it was probably the most interesting month of poker I've ever had. I have exams these days so I wasn't planning on playing as much, but at the same time I couldn't resist playing SCOOP tournaments because it's a great series with huge and weakish fields. So I said to myself 'fuck the school' and let's win some real money finally.

The first half of May was really frustrating - actually probably the most frustrating period of my poker career. I was deep in so many tournaments and still wasn't able to finish off any of them. I finished 26th in $82 ante up SCOOP, lost kings into sixes for all the chips. The next day I played again and managed to get deep once more, but I couldn't hold with AAxxx against KKxxx bvb in 11 rebuy 5card omaha SCOOP and ended 29th. Well that wasn't everything. I decided to play again the next day because it was a sunday and I play almost every sunday. It was also pretty big sunday because there were huge SCOOP tournaments. I did well in two of them. I finished 899th (ITM) in $215 SCOOP and made a day 2 in the second $215 SCOOP. I was chipleading that one for a while, but screwed up a few pots in the end of day 1 so I was 35th of 69 players that survived the first day. I was still pretty stoked and thought I could finally hit something really big - there was $184k up top. Well I obviously finished 28th and at that point my mind was just crushed. Being that deep in SCOOP 3 times in a row and still somehow finish 26th, 29th and 28th was just surreal. Some may say it's a good acomplishement, but it obviously isn't because the real money is always on the final table. I had a few more deep runs that SCOOP, but nothing major.

In the end of May I decided to try out Fulltilt poker again. I've had a big downswing there so I thought it would be nice to win something after a long time. I wasn't feeling too well because of the first half of month, but I tried my best to play A game and it worked! I finished 3rd in $22 Double deuce for $11.1k, which was my biggest hit by far. I can't even describe how I felt when I finally hit a 5 figure bink. It felt even better because of deepruns in SCOOP...I think JUSTICE is the word that describes my feelings best. It wasn't everything though! I managed to win Fulltilt $55 Multi Fifty for $4350 two days later.

I felt like this month really describes the life of mtt player well. The variance is huge and if you play mtts you have to keep this in your mind. It can be really tough to go through sick downswings, but it's important to keep fighting and play the best you can. Sooner or later the results will come.

I would also like to thank to all my followers and friends. I really appreciate your support!

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