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I'm moving to a grindhouse where epakfailer, beed2 and hegides lives. I'm gonna live there during summer and it should be an interesting experience!

Hey guys and girls! 
I was running very bad lately and therefore my volume was also miserable. I was also trying to finish off a school which didn't work out either. The good thing is I'm gonna have a couple of months basicly without any commitments. 

I decided to join my friends from Slovakia in their grindhouse here in Prague. It should be an interesting experience bc of many reasons.

  • I've never lived without family for more than couple of weeks
  • I've never really played poker to make any given amount of money. I've always played what I liked, I hated all the swings and every single day where I had lost bigger amount of money playing poker. But it was always a game I've played for fun more than anything else.
  • Now obviously living with my friends will cost me some $ which is not good for my bankroll, but at the same time it's a good motivation and something new for me.
  • I can learn some tricks (for example how to run good) from the one and only epakfailer!

I'm moving there only for 3-4 months which means that living with my friends shouldn't influence my bankroll that much. I would obviously want to make some additional money tho. Therefore I'm going to try to make at least 1k/month. Since mtts can have huge swings and I'm not planning on continuing my current "heater" I won't play any MS and HS mtts I don't win a satellite to. I will mostly play mtt satellites, 3r 180mans and low stakes mtts. If my swing continues even in these formats I will probably play only sats and $7.5 6max hyper sngs which are two formats I'm very confident I can beat without having big swings.

I will definitely update more on tiltbook and I'm going to write some blogs. Whether it's gonna be every month or only after I move back to my family I don't know, but I will try my best :). Gl me!

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