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Hey everyone! I'm here to sum up my results from previous month(s).

My last blog is from may so at first I'm going to write a few words about my past months.

I've been pretty much breakeven for months, I've had tens of semifinals, hundreds of deepruns, but I just couldn't finish up any of them. And I was fortunate enough to be breakeven because I would have a huge swing playing only mtts. I've played mttsngs and mtt sats on the side. I think it's really important to try to lower your variance when playing mtts. If you're not a complete beast like pessagno, you will eventually have a sick downswing. Swings in mtts can be big enough to completely destroy your bankroll if you're not balancing huge field tournaments with a smaller ones or if you don't have an extra safe bankroll management.

November started poorly. I got 19th in big 109 and 14th in 109 sunday kickoff. Next week was also frustrating because I got 37th in pokerstars.fr Sunday special. Please don't play on pokerstars.fr, it's a completely damned site. It's always the same story - you deposit 200e, win something small so you have 1k and next week you are busted again. I've also played a few live tournament with my friends from Slovakia. Live tournaments are similar to pokerstars.fr though. You are one of the best players there, but you just can't win anything no matter what you're doing. Well unless you are @epakfailer . I've played online next week and I got pretty close to some nice scores again. I got 15th in 5r 2x turbo, 8th in 6r storm and 13th in 8r. Std.

It looked like I'm gonna have another breakeven month, but I got lucky on the final sunday of the month and hit a sunday kickoff! I've played reasonably well, but I got really lucky, especially on the final table. I came there with a shortstack and within few hands we were 3-handed. It was pretty crazy, but I didn't have to do almost anything to get to the final three. I lost 44 vs. A9 and busted 3rd, but I was still delighted! Variance was finally standing on my side. I won 14.6k which is my biggest hit.

The last week was also interesting. I won like 2k in the beginning of the week, but I also got kinda unlucky later when I finished 13th in 8r, 18th in 22 fo and 11th in the same tournament. 

I am very happy with my results from November. I wish every month was like this one :). 

I'm probably not going to play as much poker in December because I have some troubles with school so I'm gonna try to fix that firstly. I will play Eureka Prague next sunday though. I really hope to go deep in that one, that would be pretty cool. 

I would like to thank you all for the support and wish you GOOD LUCK in December!

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