$150 to SNE - I have had enough

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A lot of players asked me how I made SNE from $150 in 2012 so I decided to post translated articles from my old dead website where I was posting weekly updates in Slovak language. After last blog I will announce how you can get free coaching from me, enjoy!


Okay, I am really getting tired of this. After the last week, when I managed to some real effort into it, playing huge volume and working on my game, I am simply disgusted. I looked at my graph and I felt just terrible, which indeed might lead to this being my very last week of the session.

The main problem is that my green and redline went even more apart and I am again 320 buy-ins under EV – about $5,000 in pure cash. I am sure you can understand how big disappointing this is as if I ran anywhere close to EV, I would have been a SuperNova already, had my $4,000 bonus cashed out and most likely had over $10,000 in my cashier playing $100s and getting tons of VPPs.

The reality is that I am still stuck at $30s, running sickly below EV and what is even worse, if my run continues, I might have to move down to $15s once again, which would mean the end of the challenge for sure. And so I decided to give it everything I still have left in me this one last week, putting in as much volume as possible, playing as good as possible and if I won’t make it to $60s, I will just give it all up and go flip burgers to McDonald’s... or try to get max out of the last two months of the Entraction network which is about to be closed and still is an absolute gold mine.




Notice two things in the graphs – first, the huge jumps in redline (one at around 11k games, other one at around 18k games). You can nicely see my little experiment of trying to play 18 tables of $30s and I will surely never try that again. Second think worth noticing is my current profit of $1,000 meaning that I am now breakeven for 19,500 games, which is just ridiculous even for my taste.


SNG played: 22,456

ROI: 1,5%

Profit: $1,099

Bonuses: reloads $310, VIP stellar rewards $800, Refunds $36, Battle of planets $80

Total profit: $2,325

Bankroll: $2,475

VPPs: 75,853

Hourly rate: $6,45

Average VPPs needed per day to reach SNE: 8845

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