$150 to SNE - 320 buy-ins under EV

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A lot of players asked me how I made SNE from $150 in 2012 so I decided to post translated articles from my old dead website where I was posting weekly updates in Slovak language. After last blog I will announce how you can get free coaching from me, enjoy!

3.9.2012 (my birthday :P)

As the title already suggests, I am currently over 300 buy-ins under EV since my challenge began, which is currently about $4,000 and that most certainly is not helping at all

There is not even too much to talk about actually, my redline is already reaching the skies having over 5% EV ROI, but my winnings just can’t get past the zero mark. If I ran according to EV at least this month, I would be playing $60s already but no, I am still stuck at $15s. No worries though as I came up with a plan, an evil plan indeed!

I should make over 100k VPPs this month, 250k in October, in November I am planning on doing smth really special I can’t talk about right now and making 350,000 VPPs and leave the rest 260k for December. The key part is, however, to break this run of terrible luck and keep improving my game along the way.

Here are some graphs of the challenge so far, in both dollars and buy-ins (where you can nicely see on the redline how I improved my game with ICMIZER) – enjoy while I wipe the tears:



So, to sum it up, I am about 320 BI/$4,417 under EV being breakeven for unbelievable 14.000 sit & gos. To be fair though, I have to say that is also due to not playing $15s/$30s that well first. Anyway, as a poker player, this is something I decided to deal with and so I must continue playing and overcome this eventually!



SNGs played: 16,857

ROI: 2%

Profit: $829

Bonuses: reload $310, VIP stellar rewards $450, Refund $22, Battle of planets $80

Total profit: $1,691

Bankroll: $1,841

VPPs: 43,740

Hourly rate: $6,65

Amount of VPPs needed per day to reach SNE: 7969


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