$150 to SNE - Changes

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
A lot of players asked me how I made SNE from $150 in 2012 so I decided to post translated articles from my old dead website where I was posting weekly updates in Slovak language. After last blog I will announce how you can get free coaching from me, enjoy!


No, the terms and conditions of the challenge remain the same. I just realised that I divide my time quite ineffectively and so I decided to change my timetable a little bet. I decided to work monday to friday 8 hours a day and have free weekends.

This has been my worst week so far in terms of volume, playing only 712 sit & gos due to not playing at all on first two days of the week and having a free weekend. Also, I believe this is the first time I actually ended up down, partially due to variance as usually. Opponents are bit better than on lower stakes and I myself do feel that I am playing worse than usual.

Apart from my challenge, phasE89 started his "40,000 SNG Challenge" in which he is already $11,500 down. From the day he issued it I was pretty sure I will gonna bet against him, but I eventually did not after talking to him a few times. I think that succeeding in this would be much more than remarkable since it's an absolutely new format for him and he is jumping right into high stakes. I just cannot imagine how one doing so can actually finish up by the end of it. One way or another, I honestly wish him really good luck.

But let's get back to me... and my graphs:


Entire challenge:


I would also like to mention that I have not reviewed a single hand in ICMIZER so far. Since I am switching between stakes so rapidly and with them all the regulars, I do no think there is a reason to make any dramatic adjustments when it comes to ranges. But since I have a feeling I might stay on $15s for quite some time, I am going to start to analyze my hands.

By the way, I noticed PokerStars added limits $60 and $200 which is great news, I am really looking forward to playing those limits! But first I gotta beat $15s and $30s so, back to grind, I am hoping for at least 1,5k games this week.


SNGs played: 8,118

ROI: 3%

Profit: $1,164

Bonuses: SCOOP reload $210, VIP stellar rewards $150, Refund $15, Battle of planets $40

Total profit: $1,609

Bankroll: $1,759

VPPs: 13,840

Hourly rate: $14,7

Average VPPs per day needed to reach SNE: 5006

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