$150 to SNE - hotrun

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
A lot of players asked me how I made SNE from $150 in 2012 so I decided to post translated articles from my old dead website where I was posting weekly updates in Slovak language. After last blog I will announce how you can get free coaching from me, enjoy!


The curse seems to be finally brokend and I am not running under EV every single day anymore! After my last blogpost full of tears due to being 320 Bis under EV I began to run supergood. And it does indeed feel supergood!

My total roll was at $1841 last week and I was very frustrated by the thought of how much I am going to have to play in order to move to $30s. Luckily, in the end in took just little over 1,000 games to get there thanks to the streak I am having. I noticed, however, that once I fire up 10th table my focus goes terribly down and my ROI is most likely much worse, so I decided to not play more than 9 for some time now, especially right after moving up. There are some new regs to figure out and the games are bit more aggro = more fun J

The great thing is that I am enjoying playing much more again, although I do have to keep studying as well as I am still not as good as some of the regs I play with. I am very pleased with my volume, except for one free day I am playing 7 hours a day on average which is just great even though I am taking a couple of days off now – I am going to be enjoying my birthday present, 2 days in Tatralandia with my girlfriend. Hopefully, this will help me relax a bit and get some new energy for the upcoming grind.

Here’s this week’s mr. graphy graph:


As you can see I was finally able to run above EV and I just hope it will continue to be like that for as long as possible. That would make getzing back on pace, moving up to $60 and reaching my this month’s goal of 100,000 VPPs much easier.


SNG played: 18,744

ROI: 2,1%

Profit: $3,363

Bonuses:  reloads $310, VIP stellar rewards $600, Refund $22, Battle of planets $80

Total profit: $4,375

Bankroll: $4,525

VPPs: 52,374

Hourly rate: $15,03

Average VPPs needed per day to reach SNE: 8386


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