$150 to SNE - Up and down

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
A lot of players asked me how I made SNE from $150 in 2012 so I decided to post translated articles from my old dead website where I was posting weekly updates in Slovak language. After last blog I will announce how you can get free coaching from me, enjoy!


Plan for this week was earn enough money for moving up to $15 and reach my original goal for this month - earn Platinum Star. But in poker, things often don't go as planned and after three weeks of good run variance finally showed it's true colours.

I am not really proud of my this week's volume, I lost 13 buy-ins during one of my sessions when my laptop all froze up again and so I decided to not play more than 15 tables until I get a new PC. I also had one free day and after all played just 1,294 tourneys. Apart from hardware issues I am currently capable of playing 18 tables at once and I would like to add two more later on.

This weeks HEM graph (please note there are about 60 games missing that I played from my girlfriend's PC)


And also my total from $7s:



SNGs played: 4,344

ROI: 5%

Profit: $520

Bonuses: SCOOP reload $210, VIP stellar rewards $50, Refund $15, Battle of planets $40

Total profit: $835

Bankroll: $985

VPPs: 4,922

Hourly rate: $13,9

Average VPPs per day needed to reach SNE: 4565

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