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 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
I achieved Supernova Elite status for 2nd time, my yearly profit from hypers was $110k post rakeback, TiltBook reached 14k users and I have girlfriend and son. Someone can think I live my dream but it's not that good as you think and as I imagine.


After finishing my really hard challenge from $150 to SNE I was sooo exhausted and I needed break from poker and finally have some kind of real life after last 3 months of 2012. I didn't play single hand for 17 days for first time since I discovered poker and starting with freerolls. It was great but I knew I had to start in some point again because $45k I earned in 2012 isn't really amount I can comfortable live with for the rest of my life. I also know my postflop game isn't good enough to play higher stakes so I decided to buy 5 hours of coaching from bernardc for $2,5k. After second lesson I started playing postflop more and more, but I played just few tables and couldn't play like in december so I finished this month with 7k VPPs and down $6,6k from hypers and didn't cash in any of tournaments I played thanks to $5k in xCOOP tickets.


After coaching with bernardc I felt more comfortable to play higher and some time after PokerStars introduced $300 and $500 6max hypers I was looking what type of players play these sngs. I was suprised when I saw there 2-3 fish games early morning so I tried to register some and I didn't think it was bad decision. I earned 50k VPPs (all SNEs have to earn at least 50k VPPs/month and can miss 2 months per year) but lost $12,5k with breakeven redline. It wasn't funny to have this run after finishing 2012 $45k below EV, but this time I had confidence in my play.


I had to move down and stop playing these highstakes games and I had finally some pre-rakeback winnings and finished +$3,5k and earned again just 50k VPPs. This month we started at TiltBook with freerolls as it looked like good idea and easy increase number of users. 


In April I received offer from investor who wanted some % of TiltBook and could give me solid amount of money to help us grow. I spent some time consulting this idea and how our deal would look like so I didn't play much. Earned just 30k VPPs and lost $2,5k. Deal looked good to me but I made bad mistake (just fish in online business at that time). We had agreement that we are going to make bigger freerolls, more promotions and some advertisement, but as we had no signed contract at that time I had to pay for that and they wanted to give me these money after contract was signed.


Contract I received wasn't really good as I was expecting (there wasn't all things we talked about earlier) and I spent some time with my lawyer, but we just found it this will not work and I had to cancel it. The worst thing was we had scheduled another freerolls, another promotions and thanks to freerolls and our servers we had to repair? (don't know if this word is ok) TiltBook and it costed me like 3 times more than I was expecting and it was really big amount of money for me. Together with my -$10k month at average buy-in $70 and just 35k VPPs I was almost busto. 


If I wanted to retain SNE I had to earn at least 50k VPPs every month because I missed this requirement in January and May. I had to cancel staking with 3 players to have bankroll to play $60s but my shitrun continues (real downswing everywhere) and I had to move down even to $30s. TiltBook was almost dead because at time of freerolls website was down for 15-30 mins, best players leave us, I find myself playing $30s with my C-game and was thinking what I'm going to do. At that time investor gave me another offer - sell TiltBook for €120k (at this time I'm not sure if this was real offer or not) and I was like "ok, I have no othere choice, I have to sell it and play higher stakes again and get back to SNE chase". It just took a lot of time to finish this contract and it was 23th of June, I had like 20k VPPs so I needed money to earn 30k more VPPs. At that time I received message about possible staking/coaching (to be honest, I wasn't happy with condidionts of this deal but I had to accept this) so I could play $60-$100 stakes and earn 50k VPPs. My pre-rakeback loss from this month ends at $4k.


My plan at start of year was to earn a lot of points before summer and take 2 months off, HAHA. I had 237k VPPs, no money and dead TiltBook. I started with sick grind, after few thousands of sngs at $60-$100 stakes I was still down but had positive redline so I could play $200s and at end of this month with 1 coaching hour I was finally breakeven pre-rakeback with solid positive redline so they allowed me to register some soft highstakes games. I didn't really want to give up my idea with TiltBook as I really knew this can be really big and I was big fish in online business. I found it's last day to send application for iCollege (9 weeks long "coaching" from top regs in online business in Czech republic for €800) and they chose me. At the end of the month I FINALLY had really big hotrun, especially at highstakes games, so I finished month at + $24k so we can go to holiday (Croatia by car) and we started to looking for new appartment (just for rent because I needed to give something like half of my post-rkb winnings to my backer, don't tell you exact number :P) because I wasn't able to play in our flat with just 2 rooms with our son who wanted to be with me all the time I played. BTW. 108k VPPs this month YAY :)


Poker Festival Pardubice (week of fun with poker friends in Czech republic), week of holiday in Croatia, hotrun, moving to new appartment, just 50k VPPs again but +$14k pre-rkb profit, end of August story.


At September I started with iCollege and I found out this will cost me a LOT of time. I had to drive 600km to Prague on Friday, whole Saturday this course and Sunday back what meant I wasn't able to play Friday - Sunday (best days for online poker) and I have family so I couldn't play next full 4 days. That's why I earned just 56k VPPs, but my hotrun continued again and I had +$17k pre-rkb profit. This month TiltBook was 100% ok and better players came back (still just few of them).


From what I learned from first courses at iCollege and fact jorj95 accepted our invitation to AskThePRO, things started to go much faster at TiltBook. A LOT of better players who were registered came back to TiltBook and we had everyday some new registrations (probably thanks to word of mouth). I had still a lot of VPPs lef to SNE so I told myself "you have to explain girlfriend you need to earn 200k VPPs while going every weekend to iCollege". She wasn't really happy as we have 2 years old son who need attention and in appartment with 205 m² is a lot of work. At start of month I found out even if my girlfriend would do everything in our household without no help from me I'm not able to earn that much VPPs with visiting iCollege so I earned just 107k and lost again some money pre-rkb ($8,7k).


I had to skip 2 courses because I really needed VPPs, but downswing came back to me and I lost $14,7k and earned 182k VPPs. It was first month of year when I wasn't doing anything else just playing and helping a little bit in household. This month was succesful for TiltBook because I was spamming a lot of succesful players and some of they became active so content was the best ever we had.


First day of December I had the best day ever, won $14k in one day pre-rkb and tables were really fishy. I thought like wow, I'm going to win a lot this month and it look like it's not going to be that regfest as last year. But it was :) I made my second mistake of year (first one was paying much more for promos without signed contract) and started to play $300-$500 with just one fish/unknown but I didn't realized other 4 players are mostly really good regs so I lost $60k in next 4k games with $20k down in EV (breakeven EV at $60-$300 and $20k down in EV at $500s for few hundreds of sngs). At this time I lost confidence in my play and was thinking if I'm not just fish at that stakes. I was trying to work on my game and had some coaching with my backers + analyzing my games where I lost a lot. I found out I should not play games with just 1 fish at highstakes anymore, but also that my $20k drop in EV was mostly because of running to monsters at bubble mostly (same reason for my EV running unreal high at summer). With my improved game, playing a little bit better games and much softer games after Xmas I won something back and finished year with SNE and $29k down pre-rkb. 

I have really mixed feelings about this year. As I wrote at start of blog this year was not that good as I imagine. If I look at myself I win at poker for 5 years, last year I won $110k (I won this amount in staking deal so I have just something more than half) and it means like €3,5k monthly in average. If you have family and trying to run business which didn't give you a cent back it mean I have almost nothing than family, skill and hope for next year. I would like to finally earn some money next year and finally focus more on earning than investing. Here are my goals for next year:

  • be happy at real life
  • spent more time with my family
  • buy better car
  • buy house or at least have 50% of house in savings
  • 2% ev roi or $100k in pre-rkb EV winnings
  • 1M VPPs
  • 50k TiltBook users

What are my plans now? A lot of players asked me last year how I made SNE from $150. I was writing my diary weekly for my old website in Slovak language. Scarmaker helped me with translations and I'm going to share this diary daily from tomorrow and in last part I'm going to announce my new challenge where I want to make winning poker heroes from breakeven/losing players by giving them my knowledge for free.

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