3 years of TiltBook, the most funny statuses and comments, stats and plans

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
Poker social network TiltBook is here for 3 years now. When I look back I see a lot of ups and downs, fails and successes. But I have really good feeling that we created really successful project and I really looking forward to next year.

If you don't care about plans and some inside info about TiltBook and want to see top funny statuses and comments, scroll down. I don't wanna talk about it much, because I posted blog about TiltBook when we reached 20k users and since that not many things changed. I was not promoting TiltBook and not investing money into marketing, because we had really big problem with retention. Out of 1k users who register, just low % of them was active after 3 months and it's the key stat for community. Fortunately about year ago one of our users contacted me about helping us with user experience, because for first 2 years or so I (as pure amateur) just wrote something in painting and gave it to Trki. If we want to be successful, all of our steps have to be analyzed. Since that time (with my financial capabilities) we are working on new version of TiltBook. It's not about the new design and that it should look better, most of you will be angry, because you are used to this design, but we had to change it so new users focus on right things, understand directly what is going on here, what is this site for and find users who to follow. I would say that was one of the biggest leaks of TB, when user registered here his wall looked empty and he could think this website si dead and not many users are active what is not that true. And because 78 years old guy won our welcome event, we are testing the new design with pensioners.

Another thing was number of statuses posted here. Players would like to post something and they like TiltBook, but they just don't know what to post or they are not sure about their level of English. Don't worry guys about 2nd part, I am writing this blog with google translate opened :D and to help number of statuses posted we will be organizing some events, competitions, etc. We started with the 3rd Anniversary Home Games league to make some fun and make some relationships between users and we will probably organize this event on monthly basis and you can expect much more things like this one. Don't forget to rail our home games micro cash game between top names on TiltBook. There will be NL5 cash game today at 20:00 CET with myself, abarone68, bigstealer, jdawg91, razvanel and magorko with some sidebets for winning with 27o or succesful call with Q high or worse. 

After 3 years of constantly donating money to TiltBook (and as I am still fish in this I invested a lot) I would like to ask you for patience. I want to start earning some money by recommending you things that are +ev in my opinion. I want to put ALL of the money I earn from TiltBook to advertising, competitions and everything I find as +ev to grow TiltBook. And I am not going to earn money the way like most of poker websites do. I don't want to make some leaderboard of poker rooms and put some unknown room on 1st place, just because they paid me the most. I am going to find value and offer it to you and earn money through affiliates and paid advertising (if I find it interesting to you). That's why I am not recommending you to use Table Ninja II or Holdem Manager II, but rather ICMIZER 2. Also I am not telling you to play 9max turbo SNG at some small network and don't care there is no traffic for that, but rather recommend playing MTT with regular overlay and pretty soft playerpool compared to buy-in. You can expect in future these kind of promotions here.

Inside stats are allways interesting. So over the last 365 days there have been 33,600 statuses posted and here are the most funny and the best (according to my own ranking, so it's not gonna be objective). This is the main reason why visit TiltBook regularly:

The first post is mine, but I didn't manage to beat ILS007 for the most liked status ever (rain). It was an application to the Team Online after Stars introduced Spins and I was angry. Since that my opinion changed a bit, but I still don't like some things. BTW when you click on the screenshot of status, status will be opened on new card.


Unfortunately my application was not as successuful as liay's one (and we coulnd't upload photos) and she made it to the most exclusive club of sponsored players by PokerStars.


This is so far the most hilarious post of all time on TiltBook. Still better lovestory than Twilight.


Pokerlife2k9 definitely doing great job with his funny posts. It was tough to post just one of his posts here :)


Halloween is close, what's your choice this year playersvk?


I could post 20, 50, maybe even 100 similar funny/impressive posts, but you can check them out here. What you can't check out is list of the most liked comments and they are sooooo funny. Over the past 365 days 67,525 comments were posted and here are the best:








At the end of this blog I would like to thank users with the most logins for last year (urvutiburvu, inNatura, dezho, sugarrrman, suprguard, xXromMmeoXX, jokr02, drwiin, dpero87, I am pretty sure you read it now :P) and also to guys with the most comments, because especially warm welcome comments to new users are really valuable to us (Scarmaker, final, DajMiCibulu, MillerSTGT, Chobopoker_r, Astiwp, luckb0x, MartinAltman, coctaine).

Also special thanks to my team, because without you TiltBook is nothing and definitely not such a great place to talk about poker. Who they are? Trki is guy who created very first version of TiltBook and still working here A LOT even though it's his part-time job. Scarmaker is spending here a lot of time and is behind everything that is funny and interesting, newsletters and weekly blogs are his job and HomeGames league is also pure his job. If you are following us on Twitter of Facebook, you are reading funny posts from Seda16 and for few months I am working with Influenza77, who is our UX guy. Expect big things, we are gonna grow a lot! Stay tuned.

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