August - heater, relax, new appartment

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
Last month I had more relax than hard work (after xy months) and I really enjoyed it. Last days of month I had to grind harder and earn 50k vpps requirement but it wasnt that hard with hotrun I had.

At start of month I earned just 5k vpps and went to Poker Festival in Czech republic to meet some players and spend some money. Tournaments started afternoon and almost every poker player sleep at morning so I could play some highstakes sngs. I didnt want to risk much with hotel wi-fi so I decided to 1-3 table these games and finished more than $7k up with less than 100 sngs played. Live tournaments were fishy and I made it to day 2 of €400 Czech Poker Tour with €200k GTD but finished out of money QQ vs AJ. Like I said reason visiting this festival was to meet some players, drink something and have fun and this mission was successful.

Then I had free weekend and moved to Croatia for 7 nights with my car, this holiday was great, we enjoyed free time with girlfriend and son. Day after we came back from holiday we had to move all things to new appartment (sick job) and I had to earn 40k vpps. I had higher average buy-in ($137), hotrun continued and I had two good cashes in 6max hyper turbo MTTs (2x 2nd place). I played just something over 2k games and won something over $20k what means $10/per game, hotrun!

Graph from HEM2, sick card distribution:



And here you can see my graph from whole year, where is $5k inMTT tickets for SNE, it means Im more than $60k up for year which means I have to earn $190k more in next 4 months to achieve $250k challenge haha :D



Goals for next month:

  • 200k VPPs
  • $50k profit
  • end of story
  • 23287 users
  • 32 supernova Elites
  • And players who actually win pre-rakeback
  • They all share their poker lives on TiltBook
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