Awful may, hard grind in june

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
Hey, I´m back with my blog, last month I had some goals but most of them was fail. I set myself 6 goals and just 2 of them was succesful, but as you probably know I like challenges so goals for this month will be hard to beat.

Back to last month´s goals. The first was 3k sngs in May and I played 3461 SNGs with few MTTs and last goal was to be happy in real life and I´m still more than happy. But there was some fails last month like profit from poker (finished down 5,9k pre-rkb, almost BE post rkb), 3 blogs, 14k TB users (fail due to technical troubles and bad marketing) and at least 5 top players to tiltbook (i really cant remember what players registered in may, but im not satisfied).

May was really awful month in poker because I had to move down to 60s, because I lost 72 buy-ins in 860 games at 100s but my run at 60s wasnt much better so I finished month breakeven post rkb. I realized without huge volume you can´t win a lot of money from hypers (unless you have incredible run) so I´m going to play hard again - at least 7k sngs with average buy-in $80. I think after coaching with bernardc and my own study of hypers last two months I can play again $60/$100 without table selection in day time to put bigger volume and earn some nice money finally. 

If we look at TiltBook at the moment we can see suggested feed and a lot of statuses from winning/interesting players everyday and Im really happy for that. From june we dont run freerolls and start some competitions for making our community bigger and better. The first competition is to have the most suggested statuses for week starting yesterday ($50 for winner). 

I have one suprise for next month just for starting players, more info soon.

Goals for June:

7k sngs with average buy-in $80

PROFIT pre-rkb

3 blogs

be happy in real life

finally start improving my english

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