Best players in 6max cash hypers

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
I was thinking for a really long time if I want to share my thoughts about best players in hypers (non satellites), but I think its time to start blogging about interesting things in hypers and include some free tips.

This first blog is all about 5 TOP players. There is no proof who is the best, because in results is a huge amount of variance and nobody want to show ev line in HEM/PT4, which can help us in really long term recognize who is good and who is not.

As I have big database in HEM and Im big fan of statistics in this great software I was allways thinking about what stats can help me to recognize what leaks have players and what leaks are the most expensive. Less expensive leaks in my opinion player have, better results he should have. So here is my opinion who are TOP5 players in 6max cash hypers overall. 

Bernardc - maybe Im just affected because I had coaching from this guy, but I think he plays almost perfect postflop and have edge on almost everyone. He doesnt play high stakes games because I heard he had downswing there, but I would be curious whats his results there. 

Quadchrazc - if I would find player with the best bussines plan, its definitely this one. He is not the best player in term of skill, but he is solid ABC player at $60/$100 stakes and almost never make mistakes. With his awesome volume and 30k games propbet he is crushing hard these games with minimal variance.

bigbluffzinc - Im big fan of this player, I think this is the best player in term of skill, but he is definitely not the best grinder.

Cejakas14 - almost as good as BBZ is this one, but he plays much more and I think he is winning the most money from hypers (maybe AWice is winning more, because of his awesome volume, but I dont think he is one of the best)

wtfgmon - I think this guy is mostly playing satellites, but when he plays cash hypers he is really aggro and it looks like he knows what to do. 

If you think about playing higher stakes in cash hypers, avoid these players!

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