Drugs are cool

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This blog will probably gain a lot of dislikes, it can be boring, embarrassing and you will not understand what the f*** I am talking about, but I was thinking about sharing my thoughts on drugs for a longer time. After article on PokerNews where they talk hallucinogenic drugs may have caused Strassmann's death I decided to put it into blog.

Like I said in every non-troll strategic video or article, anything I say isn't the only good way. It is just my opinion and I can be wrong in everything I say, but I really don't like lifestyle of young poker players. It is their life and they can do whatever they want to do, but I think a lot of them (really high % of young poker players) take drugs just because it is so cool and you can see a lot of blogs/posts/stories about drugs are so cool. Dan Bilzerian is also not the greatest role model for poker players imo. He is awesome for bringing new fishies to poker, but looking at statuses/comments about people want to live like Dan is really weird to me. 

This is what I think is great life and why I think I am lucky:


I have girlfriend, healthy son, poker gives me freedom and money to do whatever I want to do, I don't need to take drugs to be happy, I don't need to fuck different girls every day to brag about how many of them I had and I don't need to wait another 10-15 years like most of my friends to have money and be prepared for having kids. When I am reading what I wrote I am thinking if it is worth to click publish, but I think that it can be interesting for some players. Maybe you will ask what was the point of this blog, I just wanted to say that drugs are not cool and to show you there are different ways to live life. 

I am back with standard troll/funny/brag posts when I spend another few days/weeks with my family and will play more poker!

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