Estrellas Marbella trip report

 photo masuronike: Father, 6max hyper turbo grinder and founder of TiltBook, end of story. My nickname on PokerStars is MASUR0N1KE.
Last week I was travelling to Marbella as I won ticket to the main event of Estrellas poker tour with €1,1k buy-in. Long story short - I finished 36. for €3,190, made it into the money in Marbella cup €90 profit and lost about €1k in cash games. If you want to know details, continue reading.

As a online grinder in general and the fact I can't play online from Spain I was not so happy to book hotel for a week, but wanted to minimize my costs, so I was travelling just on Wednesday evening (played 1B on Thursday) and wanted to leave Marbella on Saturday evening, because it was more likely that I bust tournament in first two days, or at start of third one, that I make it to the final. Why I wanted to minimize the costs and didn't book the trip for a week in the appartment with great view on the sea like a baller? Because I am not sure what ROI I can achieve in those live games and don't know if it would be worth going there if my main plan was to play poker. I rather invest those money in holiday without poker with my family (probably going somewhere next week).

So I was playing Day 1B and I went to the table like 1,5 hour later, because "I don't know what to do with 250bbs" and started creating my tight image while watching and taking reads from my opponents. I was really focused on every single showdown and then repeated whole hand and made notes in my head. Anyway, I was running so great so I doubled up without going all-in and mostly by taking medium pots with stronger hands than my opponent. It's important to say table was pretty soft and I really think it was not just my ego who thought so. I had like 3 tight regs (never 3bet light, never raise as a bluff, never called 2nd pair to 2nd barrel, etc) and guys who had no idea what to do. After few hours, probably just 1-2 hours before end of the day, they reseated to my left the first aggressive reg so I had to tighten up, but he was coolered soon with set vs overset and busted, so I could just taking down the pots preflop or on the flop and managed to get to the 140k chips (25k starting) in last hour of play as all the shorts where shoving extremely light as they could re-enter later that day for 1c turbo if they bust.

On the 2nd day I also had good table, again about 2-3 tight regs (one of them was DBerglin, who was tight because he was short and probably carddead) and the rest std fishies or whales. I was trying to be extremely active as the bubble was coming and fortunately I was chipleader on the bubble and it lasted like 1,5 hours (so probably 10 hands, because of hand-for-hand) and I made it to 300k chips without risking even half stack in all-in, everything was thanks to taking down small-medium pots mostly preflop or on the flop. Few hands after the bubble bursted I got AsKs and fish opened from UTG, UTG+1 weak reg called and I re-reraised them, everyone else folded and those two guys called my 3bet. Flop was KxJs3s and I cbet small and fish re-raised all-in, UTG+1 folded and I snapcalled vs KQo from the fish. Turn T, river Ace, no flush, gg. I could have half milion chips with average about 200k, but had just 100k instead with blinds 4k/8k coming soon (yeah, finally knew what to do). I won KQ vs 77 (vs the winner of the tournament, who had left like 4bbs at that time, so "never give up"), lost few pots, won Q4o vs 88 bvb at higher blinds and as it was close to the end of day and everyone was like "I have to made day3" I went to the hyper aggro mode, but I made it to day3 with just 280k chips.

Before the end of day 3 I met Noogaii (really nice guy btw) who liked my t-shirt (I had Tiltbook one for day1&2, but decided to change it for ChromeStar) and when I sat down to the table, I saw significantly more regs and as I had just 23bbs, I decided to create "ChromeStar guy who qualified through online satellite and who is gonna be tight as hell" quickly so I can take down some pots preflop, so in one of the first hands when I found 55 on UTG+1, I threw in 25k chip (12k bigblind) and when dealer announced call, I told them I wanted to raise (even though I knew it will be just a call). Unfortunately, I was card dead on that day and when I had a hand, guys had better or there were big action. So I had QQ on UTG, raised preflop, got call from reg just behind me, flop came AKJ, check/check flop & turn and I made a mistake by calling his 55k bet on the river (3/4 pot or so) and he turned AT. Then std raise with A5, hit A, but fish on the BB had A6 and then for 7bbs lost all-in A8 vs KT and gg for €3,190.

It was on Saturday at about 3pm and I had a flight on 9pm so I decided to jump into cash games and if they are soft enough I will stay until Tuesday (the next possible flight to Budapest) and made around €700 in 2 hours or so. Table broke because all the fishies came to the €330 Marbella cup so I decide to play it aswell and got seated to the table with Noogaii, who unfortunately finished 12th for €2k or so with €49k up top. Not gonna spend your time with stories, but I have one interesting hand. We had pretty aggressive player on the table. I raised with A9o from UTG+2, cool grandpa called on the button and and the aggressive guy called on SB. Flop came 665 rainbow, I cbet 1,9k, granda called and aggro guy check/raised to 7,050. I called and other guy folded, turn was 5 and action was check/check, and on the river 9 he shoved all-in for my effective 13k or so and average could be just about 20k at that moment. I decided to call because there was a possibility to re-enter so I said to myself "fuck it and call" (No, to be honest, his whole line didn't make a sense to me, regs are usually flatting KQ/QJ type of hands from SB, or pairs, but there is no point in shoving river with 77 for example and guy was breathing like there is no oxygen not just in the casino, but in the whole European Union) and he turned QJ. Then I lost JJ vs AK to the grandpa, re-enter in 1C turbo, was lucky to made it from 10k to the bigstack on the bubble with like 10bb average so I could just play pretty aggro and managed to get 106k for day2 with 60k average and busted for €750 next day for a nice €90 profit. OMG, another story! You will hate me for such a waste of time. Ok

So at the 1c turbo of Marbella cup when there was like 15-20bb average, guy shoved for 5bbs or so and guy on the button reshoved for 7 or so and when blinds folded, dealer just mucked the cards of the guy from button, as he was on the seat 9. Immediately when he took him cards he was like "ho-ho-ho, I am all-in" and dealer asked what cards it were. He told him he is not sure, but he had AJo, dealer took 2 cards from the muck, turned them and it was J7o :D He said he had A of diamonds, dealer took another card and it was A of diamond. Everyone at table (even the guy who shoved as first) were okay with him going all-in with AJ as he was tight and it didn't make a sense to call with J7o. Floor came and mucked his cards so he was left with 2bbs. Fortunately he got aces and made it to the money later.

On Sunday when I busted the tournament I decided to grind cash games, sat down to the table with the average age about 45-50, everyone was speaking Spanish or fluently English, that was the first sign of a fishy table, because locals were extremely fishy and this series of part of the UKIPT and guys from UK and Ireland was mostly real bad (hello Noogaii :P). Just one hand from the table. I was there for about 15mins and was on the bigblind. UTG limp, UTG+1 raise €15, got called by 4 or 5 players and then UTG re-raised to €75 and got called by 4 players so pot was almost €400. Flop came 356 rainbow, UTG bet €260, UTG+1 fold, 3 guys went all-in (everyone had more than a full stack) and UTG called with kings. I was like "okay, std spot, set vs overset vs flopped str8 and guy can't fold kings". So at showdown were 36 for two pairs, 57 for bottom pair and gutshot, 79 for double gutshot and optimistic guy with kings. 36 holded and won took down around €3k and after 15-20mins everyone went to the new oppened table of €5/€10.

I moved there and it was really soft table, 3-4 complete whales (two of them from the last €2/€5 table, one russian megawhale) and 3 super tight regs (as I was on that table haha) and one live reg. I was card dead and action was mostly like straddle, raise to €70 and re-raise to €250 and I found J4o or so. But then I called the straddle with JTo from SB, 5 players on the flop 789 with two clubs, I bet €70 and asian guy shoved €1275, snap call and I thought he has either flush draw or set/two pairs. He got the 56o so perfect situation for me, but two clubs came and he took down pot with 6 of clubs. I went to the hotel by taxi for more money and was €5k deep with two monster fishies in the game (they had no problem calling overbet shove on the river with JJ on the KT776 board), but never hit monster since that, most of the fishies busted, young regs speaking bad english (maybe even worse than I do) came so I left table breakeven.

Later that day I came to €2/€5 table, but managed to lose 3 buy-ins in 4 hours without losing some big pot (just lost one around €500 pot with A6 on the A68 flop, guy had A7 and 8 came on the river), but I had big problem played vs the guys who never fold anything, calling A high, any pair etc just to see showdown and I was not hitting flops & draws, so I left Marbella with about €2k profit and around €1k costs for 6 nights in the most luxury place I have ever been so far. Random photos here:

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