First blind level, preflop ranges

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6max hypers at PokerStars starts with 500 chips at 10/20 ante 2 level. It means you start with 25 big blinds so it´s more than logical I start my strategy series with this blind level and I give you some preflop ranges. These are obviously not optimal, but I want to give you easy ranges to remember, but still profitable at micro/low stakes.

Size of your raise should allways be minraise and like I said, it´s not optimal and you can find a lot of spots where 3x or openshove is better option. This rule applies when effective stack is higher than 12 big blinds.

Open raise

I think there is no big difference between UTG and MP positions so to help you better remember ranges, I used the same one. With selected cards from image below you should minraise in unopened pots (nobody call or raise before you).

UTG + MP opening range 13%


Cutoff opening range 21.5%


Button opening range 29%


Small blind opening range 50%


It can take some time to start using these ranges and then some time to change it when you start playing higher stakes and adjusting that ranges to different type of players. But if you are just starting with hypers or if you play lower stakes, it can help you avoid bad spots and have good fundamentals to opening range 25bb deep. 

I have one bad news, we are just starting and this is like 0.5% informations you need to beat hypers. Next ranges will be just in text form, because they should be much tigher. I´m talking about 3bet shove ranges in first blind level vs 2-3x raise. If someone raise more than 3bb or there is 3bet already, you should be even tigher. PS: all your 3bets should be all-ins, unless you are in spot with more than 30bb effective.


3bet shove ranges

vs UTG + MP = JJ+, AK

vs CO = 99+,AQ

vs BTN = 77+, AJ, KQs

vs SB = 22+, A2s+, A8o, KTs+, KQo


Vs openshove

At lowstakes you can find some players who want to gamble and openshove in first level, sometimes even in first hand. Vs openshove you can call 77+, AJ+, because it´s mostly Ax or small pair, but sometimes people open shove AK or trash. 


As you can see, I try to analyze every situation and give you some advices from my experiences how to play vs fish. If you think it´s usefull or you just like it, please share it and check out TiltBook, because next part will be about postflop play very soon.

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